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This week, we’re taking an in-depth look at Brandquiz vs Riddle. We compare these two quiz makers feature by feature – so you can decide which meets your unique marketing and lead generation needs.


First off – why use a quiz maker?

It’s a no-brainer, really – marketing experts know that quizzes excel at engaging site visitors, then converting casual browsers into potential customers.

Why? It’s human nature – we love asking and answering questions, especially if we get to discover something new about ourselves.


And once we’re clicking on a quiz – it’s the perfect chance to ask leads for their email address and other details. Your audience is no longer passive readers -they’re already actively engaged and answering questions. Psychologically, they’re now far more likely to respond to a well-timed lead generation form – especially if your offer is connected to their quiz results.

Brandquiz vs Riddle – overview


Short on time? Here’s our high level Brandquiz vs Riddle review.

(Want to learn more? Keep reading for our more detailed feature by feature comparison.)


Pricing$19, $89, $189, $489 per month$19, $49, $249 (monthly)
How many types of quizzes?714
Create unlimited quizzes and engagementsNoYesBrandquiz limits #'s of quiz takers - 250 for $19/mo, 2500 for $89, 10K for $189
Easily embed on your websiteYesYes
Fully responsive quizzes - look great on any deviceYesYes
Create unlimited quizzesYesYes
Collect unlimited leadsNoYesBrandquiz - max of 25, 250, 2500, 10000 leads per month. Unlimited only in most expensive plan.
Send leads to any email marketing toolYesYes
Fully white-labelled - add your logoYes*YesBrandquiz - you can't add your logo (or your clients') below your quiz
Add 'call to action' buttonsYesYes
Custom quiz redirects (to any URL)NoYes
Upload your own fontNoYes
CSS editorNoYes
Multi-user teams NoYes
Saved your own style templatesNoYes
Insert your own video or banner adsNoYes


Now to be transparent – we’re fans of Riddle… you’re reading this on our blog after all. However, looking at Brandquiz vs Riddle, they’re both excellent quiz makers. Each has their own focus and speciality – picking the ‘right one’ comes down to which will meet your marketing needs.


leaddoubler vs. Riddle



Create your first Riddle now! Collect leads – easy to use – 14 quiz types



Quiz engagement vs. lead generation 


Okay, there’s a bunch of quiz makers out there – and each takes their own approach towards gathering emails and quiz data.

Quiz lead generation is a big deal these days – especially with ad blocking is on the rise (30% and climbing – according to Social Media Today), ‘traditional’ online advertising methods are becoming less and less effective.

Instead of showing ads across the internet and then hoping/praying your potential customers click on them, quizzes turn the marketing process on it head. With quizzes, your audience are the keen, active participants – eager to answer questions to find out their result.

This is human psychology – by showing a lead generation form, right before they discover their results, your audience will be already used to answering questions. They’re more inclined – in other words – to say ‘yes’ to your offer. That’s why quizzes rock – almost 20x better compared with normal lead generation forms, you’ll see up to 35% of your quiz-taking audience opt-in to give their name, email, and other information.

Best of all, it doesn’t have to be only Brandquiz vs Riddle – any good quiz maker should make it easy to automatically send each lead’s personal information AND their quiz data to whatever email marketing tool you’re using (like MailChimp or Salesforce).

You can then use this data to tag each lead – and send personalised follow up messages, all designed around their quiz results. Instead of one email for everyone, you can send hyper-personalized follow ups to convert more quiz takers into happy customers.

Brandquiz vs Riddle



Brandquiz – overview


Brandquiz is a newer player to the quiz maker space – founded in 2018, they’re an Austrian company setting out to make easy to create quizzes for gathering leads.

A key differentiator in Brandquiz vs Riddle? Brandquiz has branched out to calculators and promotions. They’ve built out some quizzes, personality tests, and a few other types – but they seem more focused on helping their customers create their own interactive calculators.

It’s a good move – helping each lead enter their own particular data is a good way to qualify users. For example, a potential home buyer could enter their max monthly payment and length of loan – and be shown their budget for buying a new home.

Brandquiz vs Riddle

Their quizzes and other interactive types are well-designed to be lead landing pages – or embedded on websites. However, this does limit their flexibility a bit – they’re ‘full page’ experiences, and don’t embed well in articles and other content.

Plus, they aren’t as image/multi-media-focuses. Their quizzes are image/text only; they don’t accept videos, animated GIFs or other media. Additionally, they are optimized work best at full screen, over a snazzy background – which may or may not suit your particular use case.

Their late start to the quiz maker space also means they haven’t had a chance to fully flesh out their lead generation capabilities. They offer the basics – email, name and similar fields.

But today’s lead generation marketers often want more flexibility – a drag/drop lead form builder with unlimited customization of fields such as dropdowns or time/date pickers for leads, as well as hidden URL and text fields to tag leads from various traffics sources to help maximize their marketing spends


Riddle – overview


At Riddle, we’ve taken a different approach. First, comparing Brandquiz vs Riddle, we’ve been around since 2014 – that’s a near-eternity in ‘internet time’. That has given us the time to develop the key quiz maker capabilities of engagement and lead generation.

For engagement, Riddle has 14 distinct quiz types – including unique types such as our image-based ‘Tap and Find’ and ‘Order It’ quizzes. This gives your editorial and content teams a deep creative tool kit for each of your campaigns – to prevent the ‘quiz burnout’ that results from repeatedly showing the same quiz type to your audience. 

Brandquiz vs Riddle

On the lead generation side, you can easily use our intuitive drag/drop form builder and customize every field, font, and background to craft forms that best suit your brand. You can then connect up to 1100+ email marketing and CRM tools with Riddle – no coding required. All of your quiz data and lead information will be seamlessly passed to your database for your personalized follow up marketing emails.

Brandquiz vs Riddle

One other key focus – we’re firm believers about in-depth customization across our platform. Every quiz and customer is different so Riddle makes it easy to make your quiz your own. Customize text, colors, buttons, and layouts – or upload your fonts and editing our CSS so your quiz seamlessly blends with your site and brand.




Brandquiz vs Riddle – detailed feature list


Now both quiz makers are powerful and capable marketing platforms. We’re big-time quiz geeks so we’ve gone deeper – and created this handy table below for a detailed analysis of Brandquiz vs Riddle:


★★★★★ customer serviceNoYesBrandquiz limits help by plan - Riddle offers the same 5 star customer service to everyone.
Scored quizzes (with right/wrong answers)YesYes
Personality tests (each result based on all answers)YesYes
Standalone lead generation formYesYes
Four types of pollsNoYes
Surveys (with data export)NoYes
Social stories (where quiz meets blog post)NoYes
Social sharing (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn)YesYes
Conditional logicNoYes
Multilingual YesYesBrandquiz supports 22 languages, Riddle over 65.
Quiz layouts: multiple layoutsNoYes
Single and multiple correct answersYesYes
Free text responsesYesYes
Both 'as you go' or at end of quiz scoring modesNoYes
Correct/incorrect answer explanationsYesYes
Custom 'correct/wrong' messages and other quiz text fieldsYesYes
Random question and answer orderNoYes
Rich text formatting: include links, lists and emojisNoYes
Hide vote totalsNoYesBrandquiz doesn't support polls
Automatically close polls (by date/time)NoYesBrandquiz doesn't support polls
Unroll quizzes - display all ?'s at onceNoYes
Show multiple personality results (X% for #1, Y% for #2, etc.)NoYes
Quiz statistics - track starts, completes, leads, sharesYesYes
Detailed quiz stats - by question and resultsYesYes
Optimize quizzes using 'engagement graph'NoYes
Add multimediaNoYesBrandquiz only support images - no rich media
Timed quizzesYesYes
Upload your own imagesYesYes
Google image searchNoYes
Classy stock photo libraryNoYes
Giphy - search/use animated GIFsNoYesBrandquiz only support images - no rich media
Twitter - embed any tweetNoYesBrandquiz only support images - no rich media
Facebook - add imagesNoYesBrandquiz only support images - no rich media
Instagram - add imagesNoYesBrandquiz only support images - no rich media
Sound filesNoYesBrandquiz only support images - no rich media
YouTube videos & set start/end pointsNoYesBrandquiz only support images - no rich media
In-tool image editing (crop, filters, text)NoYes
16 types of lead fieldsYes*YesBrandquiz only features text entry, birthdate, and other basic fields.
Optional or mandatory formsYesYes
Connect to any marketing tool (on all plans)YesYes
Connect to any data system with webhook (all plans)NoYesBrandquiz - webhooks only available for $89 and higher plans.
Send leads to Google DocumentsNoYes
Import your own formsNoYes
Display your videos or adsNoYes
Full creative control - all paid plansYesYes
Select background patternsNoYes
Accessibility features (hearing/vision-impaired)NoYes
Customize social textYes*YesBrandquiz - limited, no variables like "I got on "
Add your own brandingNoYes
CSS editor - full control over your quiz stylingNoYes
Team templates - save/apply your own style combinationsNoYes
Wordpress plug-inNoYes
Google AMP supportNoYes
Drupal plug-inNoYes
Customize embed widthYesYes
Lazy loading imagesNoYes
Include quiz text to enhance your SEONoYes
PDF reports of quiz statisticsNoYes
Refresh ads on quiz pageNoYes
Doubleclick and other pixel supportNoYes
Facebook pixel supportYesYes
Google Tag ManagerNoYes
Display your banner ads below your quizNoYes
Place your own video adsNoYes
Multi-user team featuresNoYes


Brandquiz vs Riddle – summary


So which quiz maker is the best? There’s no ‘right’ answer – we know that every marketer and quiz creator has their own needs.

But for busy marketers, time is tight. We hope that this quiz maker review of Brandquiz vs Riddle helped answer some of your questions.

A quick summary? Brandquiz has some really nice templates and calculators – and if you’re happy with their look/feel, they’re an excellent choice.

If you’re looking for more variety about your quiz types and your lead generation set up – as well as in-depth customization over your quiz’s look and feel, you might want to give Riddle a look. 

Your next step? We recommend trying putting Brandquiz vs Riddle to the test – both tools offer free trials without requiring a credit card.


If you have any questions about Riddle, please just ask us via support chat or at hello@riddle.com. We’re big quiz (and customer support) geeks – and love being lightning quick to reply… our CEO Boris is a big believer that ‘everyone’s on customer support’.


Create your first Riddle now! Collect leads – easy to use – 14 quiz types