How a color quiz can tell you which cars your readers would buy

Get insights on your customers with Riddle

Do you want to know more about your readers? We’ll show you how with a color quiz built using Riddle’s quiz maker (& our personality quiz module).
You can collect data with personality tests – segment & convert your quiz takers to happy customers

Could you use data to sell more ads or generate better targeted content?

How can you collect data with a personality quiz?

Everyone loves to take tests and quizzes. According to AdWeek, quizzes are the most shared content on social media by far, which is no surprise. After all, we all love to share things that make us look good – and few things do that better than a well-written test or quiz.
So put human psychology to use and get valuable data from a personality test, which you can use to make more money with your site.

Example: Attract customers car advertisers

Let’s say you want to attract customers for car advertisers. You might have a really good shot at selling them a campaign if you can go to them and say something like “67% of our readers would want to buy an SUV”.

Getting this data point is easy – using a fun color quiz like “What color is your personality?“ below.
All you have to do is insert a question about cars without making the reader feel that he is in fact giving you an insight into his or her purchase behavior. (Note: all the data will be collected totally anonymously and will not be linked to a name, social profile or IP address. Riddle just provides a snapshot of your audience as a group, as we are a GDPR compliant quiz maker)

What we did here with this Riddle personality quiz

Take this color quiz above and try to find out what we have done. Of course, now that we’ve given you a heads up, we bet finding what to look for will be super easy for you.

We first set the stage – asking you “What do you think when you see a black limo?”
This question connects colors and cars in your mind, so the next question feels totally natural. Wanting an accurate personality result, you’ll then give an accurate answer.
After you get a good pool of users taking your test, you can then get data from our dashboard.

With these results you can now approach car advertisers and tell them exactly what kind of car your readers would want to buy – in this case a SUV. They can tailor their ads and marketing copy to refer to SUVs and get awesome conversion rates, which will only make them come back to you for more.

Best practices for collecting data with quizzes

When you build your own version of this color quiz, make sure to keep these rules in mind:

  • The subject of the personality test does not need to correlate with your data collection objective. Just make sure to pick a fun and engaging topic that suits your general audience.
  • Do not place your data gathering question without first setting the stage. The question needs to look and feel like it’s part of the test and necessary for the user get an accurate result.
  • We recommend using an unscored question first that gets the user ready for the question that really matters. In our color test, we set the stage with the question about the black limousine.
  • Only use one data gathering question per test. If it’s obvious that you’re just out to get data, your test is not going to get high finish and share rates.

How to do marketing studies – without being “sales-y”

As you see, you can gather great marketing insight with a Riddle personality quiz. And this can happen in a fun way for your users. It’s a win-win-situation for you and your customer!
If you need help, reach out to us via support chat or write us an email at – our team of professional quiz-marketers is always there to give a helping hand.

If you don’t need help, find out more about your customers now and create your first Riddle personality quiz

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