I am a huge fan of Ryan Levesque – using the power of a quiz creator and the “Ask Method” to grow your sales through an automatic, yet highly personalized sales funnel. (New to you? Check out his book “Ask“. It’s a quick read, and a steal at less than $10.)

The Ask Method: quizzes turn your email list into a gold mine

First things first – we’re all surrounded by hundreds of ads each and every day. Ironically, most are completely ineffective for one simple reason. They rely on a ‘one-size fits all’ message – so they target the wrong people at the wrong time.

The Ask Method is different – it uses quizzes and surveys to get potential customers to tell you what they really want.

  • Pre-qualify every user who takes your quiz as a lead based on how they answer.
  • Ask certain questions to find out key buying signals
  • Put each lead into special buckets and receive custom messages

Ryan Levesque is a master of sending people through a series of surveys and quizzes. Using their results, each lead is shown a personalized sales message tailored around their specific wants and needs.

This ‘ask, ask, ask’ strategy gets the lead involved. The result? Using the Ask Method absolutely crushes the old-fashioned strategy of blasting every lead with the same sales message.

Ask Method

Riddle’s quiz creator and the Ask Method are a natural fit for this approach. LitRing.com is a great example – they used a Riddle quiz to suggest the perfect book to read, while collecting leads for follow up campaigns and personalized book recommendations.

Litring uses a two-step process to pre-qualify each lead. Step 1? A one question poll where the user picks their favorite genre – followed up with a personality test to learn more about that person’s reading habits. Step 2: based on the user’s specific results, LitRing sends them to a page full of custom reading recommendations.

Fun, insightful, and personal – that’s a powerful marketing combination.

Now, I’ve been using this methodology since 2004 when I launched Tickle.com (the biggest quiz site at the time) in Europe.

With Riddle, we’ve taken all our experience to build a beautifully intuitive quiz maker – that everyone can use to create and embed on any site. And lead generation (like Ryan’s Ask Method) is at the heart – you have near total freedom to combine quiz data and leads from your Riddle quizzes and surveys.

Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty… to use our quiz creator with the Ask Method to segment leads, you’ll need to be able to match the lead with their quiz answers.  (If your country has restrictions on this, fear not – Riddle offers a switch to allow your users to opt-out of sending their quiz data along with their lead info.)

Here’s how Riddle can help…

The Ask Method: using Riddle to auto-segment and process leads

  • Built-in lead form, integrated in your quiz: Leads are collected by Riddle and you can download them in XLS or CSV format. You will get all the quiz answers and quiz result combined with the lead data in your XLS file, unless the user opts out.
  • Connect to any software using our webhook: Want to automatically send your leads to your email automation software? You can use a free webhook to send leads to your own server or use a tool like zapier.com to send the leads to a Google Sheet, Salesforce.com, Convertkit or hundreds of other tools – we got you covered. Read more on how this works here.
  • Direct connection to MailChimp: Easily connect your MailChimp account with Riddle. We’ll send all leads to MailChimp so you can send auto-send follow up messages. (However, since MailChimp will be hosting the lead form, if you’d like to use our webhook or custom result page feature, you’ll need to use our Zapier option.)
  • Native connection with AWeber: AWeber is super powerful, and a natural pairing with Riddle if you’re using the Ask Method. You can easily build marketing automation based on tags associated with each lead’s quiz results without any additional tools. You can read more about how to segment leads in line with the Ask Method in this post.
litring ask method

The “Ask Method” is great – but if you fancy a bit of fiction…

Take the Litring quiz

That’s a lot, right? But we figured “Why stop there?”

You can also use conditional quiz logic with Riddle to send users to fully customized result pages. LitRing.com is a great example – you can see how they used custom result pages to show each reader with a highly personalized list of book recommendations based on their quiz result.

Whew! That was a bit long-winded but I hope excited by the Ask Method’s possibilities of combining quizzes and lead generation.

Your next step? Go buy the book from Ryan Levesque and start turning on a super powerful marketing funnel for your company.


Have any questions about using quizzes to qualify leads, just reach out to us at hello@riddle.com – we are happy to help.*

* I’m not kidding – our entire team are big customer service geeks, and race each other to respond to emails. So fire away with any questions! 🙂

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