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We take a look at LeadDoubler vs Riddle this week. Both offer marketers some strong lead generation and interactive content features – which quiz maker should you choose?

Right, there’s no easy answer – you have your own marketing needs. But we’ll provide a detailed overview of both platforms.

There’s a bunch of quiz makers out there, for the simple reason that quizzes are awesome at converting casual browsers into active and clicking visitors. And best of all – once they’re engaged with your quiz, it’s a natural next step to ask them for their email address and other info, so quiz takers become leads and potential customers.

(Okay, okay – so in the interests of fairness, we should point out that we’re obviously fans of Riddle… this post is from our blog, after all. But both are great platforms for marketers – read on to see how each compares in everything from customization to lead generation and content types. You’ll be much more confident in deciding which – LeadDoubler vs Riddle – will meet your own particular use case.)

leaddoubler vs. Riddle


Create your first Riddle now! Collect leads – easy to use – 14 quiz types


Quiz engagement vs. lead generation 

Let’s start with a quick overview of how quiz makers can help marketers – before we dive in and explore LeadDoubler vs Riddle in depth.

As we mentioned at the top, marketers turn to quiz makers for two goals – increasing engagement and collecting leads. It’s a big brief – so you’ll see that every quiz maker has their own philosophy about how to best tackle this challenge.

About engagement – we’ve probably all seen sites use personality tests, quizzes and other interactive content to get their audience involved, staying longer, and sharing their results on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and more.

Quizzes and lead generation go together – like Batman and Robin, Frodo and Sam, or cookies and milk. As we mentioned above, quizzes, lists and polls are centered around getting your audience answering questions. Adding an optional lead generation form works well here – your audience is already in the ‘answering’ mindset, and keen to see their results.

This is a great chance to show each user a chance to sign up for newsletters, enter a contest, or receive a special offer. We’ll compare LeadDoubler vs Riddle’s capabilities below – the best marketing is scalable and automated. A good quiz maker will let you send each lead’s information data to your email tools to trigger follow up marketing messages so you can convert leads into happy, paying customers.

quiz recommendation guide

LeadDoubler – overview

LeadDoubler is a Danish company that’s started back in 2008. They emphasize customizable calculators (“How much can you afford in a mortgage?”) as well as quizzes as the best tools to qualify potential customers.

One of the main differences in LeadDoubler vs. Riddle is this focus on calculators – it’s an interesting niche because a lead is volunteering their key buying criteria. LeadDoubler has also included lead generation capabilities to follow up on each sign up – with connections to HubSpot, Pardot, Pipeline, and MailChimp.

However, as one of the oldest tools out there, our review shows they haven’t been upgrading the platform to keep abreast of the latest trends and technology. For example, they offer only a basic ‘yes/no’ quiz along with their calculators – compared the wider range of personality tests, branching logic quizzes, polls, and more with Riddle.

LeadDoubler vs Riddle
LeadDoubler quiz screenshot

Riddle – overview

Riddle has a different philosophy – we offer a growing range of quiz types (14 and counting) to help meet marketers’ content needs. This gives you a lot of flexibility to create the right quiz for your use case. And trying a variety of quizzes will keep things fresh for your audience so they don’t get tired of you presenting the same quiz type over and over again.

This approach carries over to lead generation. Looking at LeadDoubler vs Riddle, we’ve made it easy to connect your quiz with over 1,100+ other marketing tools – from ClickFunnels to SalesForce – with no coding required.

TryInteract vs. Riddle


LeadDoubler vs Riddle – feature comparison

Right – so let’s take a high level overview at LeadDoubler vs Riddle. The table below breaks down the key capabilities marketers and publishers are generally seeking in a quiz maker.

Pricing$99, $299, $699, $1,999 per month$29, $49, $199 a month
How many types of quizzes?214LeadDoubler has only a simple quiz with yes/no questions - and a customizable calculator.
Create unlimited quizzes and engagementsNoYesLD - from 5K to 1M visits per month.
Easily embed on your websiteYesYes
Fully responsive quizzes - look great on any deviceYesYes
Create unlimited quizzesNoYesLeadDoubler - only 3, 5, or 10 quizzes at a time.
Collect unlimited leadsNoYesLeadDoubler - only 30, 50, 100, or 10,000 leads per month (by plan)
Send leads to any email marketing toolYes*YesNone with LD's $99 a month plan. Only 4 integrations in other plans (MailChimp, HubSpot, Pardot, Pipeline)
Fully white-labelled - add your logoYes*YesLeadDoulbler - only $299 and higher plans
Add 'call to action' buttonsNoYes
Custom quiz result landing pagesNoYes
Upload your own fontNoYes
CSS editorNoYes
Multi-user teams NoYes
Saved style templatesNoYes
Insert your own video or banner adsNoYes
GDPR-compliantYes*YesUnclear - LeadDoubler does not outline GDPR compliance on their site.

LeadDoubler vs Riddle – detailed feature list

Okay – so that was just a quick glance. Both of these quiz makers are complicated and flexible tools – so let’s take a deeper look and analyze LeadDoubler vs Riddle, feature by feature.

★★★★★ customer serviceNoYesLeadDoubler limits lower plans to email - Riddle offers the same 5 star customer service to everyone.
Scored quizzes (with right/wrong answers)YesYes
Personality tests (each result based on all answers)YesYes
Standalone lead generation formNoYes
Four types of pollsNoYes
Surveys (with data export)NoYes
Social stories (where quiz meets blog post)NoYes
Social sharing (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn)NoYes
Conditional logicNoYes
Multilingual NoYes
Quiz layouts: multiple layoutsYesYes
Single and multiple correct answersNoYes
Free text responsesNoYes
Score as you go - or at end of quizNoYes
Correct/incorrect answer explanationsYesYes
Custom 'correct/wrong' messages and other quiz text fieldsNoYes
Random question and answer orderNoYes
Rich text formatting: include links, lists and emojisNoYes
Hide vote totalsNoYesLeadDoubler doesn't support polls
Automatically close polls (by date/time)NoYesLeadDoubler doesn't support polls
Unroll quizzes - display all ?'s at onceNoYesPersonality tests not part of LeadDoubler
Show multiple personality results (X% for #1, Y% for #2, etc.)NoYesPersonality tests not part of LeadDoubler
Quiz statistics - track starts, completes, leads, sharesYes*YesNo share stats - sharing not supported by LeadDoubler
Detailed quiz stats - by question and resultsYesYes
Optimize quizzes using 'engagement graph'NoYes
Add multimediaNoYesLeadDoubler - text only quizzes
Timed quizzesNoYesLeadDoubler - text only quizzes
Upload your own imagesNoYesLeadDoubler - text only quizzes
Google image searchNoYesLeadDoubler - text only quizzes
Classy stock photo libraryNoYesLeadDoubler - text only quizzes
Giphy - search/use animated GIFsNoYesLeadDoubler - text only quizzes
Twitter - embed any tweetNoYesLeadDoubler - text only quizzes
Facebook - add imagesNoYesLeadDoubler - text only quizzes
Instagram - add imagesNoYesLeadDoubler - text only quizzes
Sound filesNoYesLeadDoubler - text only quizzes
YouTube videos & set start/end pointsNoYesLeadDoubler - text only quizzes
In-tool image editing (crop, filters, text)NoYesLeadDoubler - text only quizzes
16 types of lead fieldsNoYes
Optional or mandatory formsNoYes
Connect to any marketing tool (on all plans)Yes*YesLeadDoubler - only 4 tools supported. Riddle = unlimited with our Zapier app.
Connect to any data system with webhook (all plans)NoYes
Send leads to Google DocumentsNoYes
Import your own formsNoYes
Display your videos or adsNoYes
Full creative control - all plansNoYes
Select background patternsNoYes
Accessibility features (hearing/vision-impaired)NoYes
Customize social textNoYesNo social sharing with LeadDoubler
Add your own brandingYesYes
CSS editor - full control over your quiz stylingNoYes
Team templates - save/apply your own style combinationsNoYes
Wordpress plug-inNoYes
Google AMP supportNoYes
Drupal plug-inNoYes
Customize embed widthYesYes
Lazy loading imagesNoYes
Include quiz text to enhance your SEONoYes
PDF reports of quiz statisticsNoYes
Refresh ads on quiz pageNoYes
Doubleclick and other pixel supportNoYes
Facebook pixel supportNoYes
Google Tag ManagerNoYes
Display your banner ads below your quizNoYes
Place your own video adsNoYes
Multi-user team featuresNoYes


Create your first Riddle now! Collect leads – easy to use – 14 quiz types



LeadDoubler vs Riddle – summary

Which quiz maker is better? There’s no simple answer to this – each marketer has their own needs.

Hopefully this review has given some insights into the strengths of LeadDoubler vs Riddle.

Bottom line? If you’re looking for calculators as the method to qualify leads, you should check out LeadDoubler.

But for a more varied quiz toolkit, along with deeper customization and data integration options, we hope you give Riddle a shot.

Next up? You should try the two quiz makers to evaluate LeadDoubler vs Riddle – both make it easy, offering free trials with no need for a credit card.

On the Riddle side, please give us a shout at hello@riddle.com – or through our support chat on this blog. Our team are all believers in being super fast to respond… everyone from our CEO down all take part in our “customers first” culture.