How a color quiz can tell you which cars your readers would buy

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Do you want to know more about your readers? Could you use data to sell more ads or generate better targeted content?

Here’s how you do it – using a Riddle personality test.

Everyone loves to take tests and quizzes. According to AdWeek, quizzes are the most shared content on social media by far, which is no surprise. After all, we all love to share things that make us look good – and few things do that better than a well-written test or quiz.

So put human psychology to use and get valuable data from a personality test, which you can use to make more money with your site.

Let’s say you want to attract car advertisers.

You might have a really good shot at selling them a campaign if you can go to them and say something like “67% of our readers would want to buy an SUV”.

Getting this data point is easy – using a fun personality test like “What color is your personality?

All you have to do is insert a question about cars without making the reader feel that he is in fact giving you an insight into his or her purchase behavior. (Note: all the data will be collected totally anonymously and will not be linked to a name, social profile or IP address. Riddle just provides a snapshot of your audience as a group.)

Take this test below and try to find out what we have done. Of course, now that we’ve given you a heads up, we bet finding what to look for will be super easy for you.

What colour is your personality

We all know that having different colours around us can affect our mood. So what colour is your personality and what effect does it have on the people around you?

Your personality colour is black!

You might think black was for mysterious creatures of the night and you'd be partially right. Your mysterious edge comes from your air of determination and (hopefully) success. Black is linked with a strong sense of character and a never-say-die approach to difficult challenges so if success has not yet crossed your path it should be visiting you soon. Black looks good on everyone so let your natural style shine through just don't hide from bright colours occasionally!

Your personality colour is blue!

You are like a calm, blue sea and have a depth of trust that comes with your serene and thoughtful approach to the problems of life. You rarely overreact, especially to your inner-circle of close friends who are very important to you. You're not scared of your own company and enjoy quiet time by yourself. You have a calming effect on others and if you sometimes feel down, you're usually quick to return to your laid-back self.

Your personality colour is green!

You have an earthy approach to life, putting down roots to establish yourself before putting out green shoots all round you. Your patient optimism brings out the best in other people and you rarely assess yourself in terms of your status or wealth. You prefer to see what you've helped to achieve and to enjoy the happy memories of journey. You love to share this with your friends and also the occasional stranger!

Your personality colour is red!

You're driven by the heart in this shiny, red sports car of a colour. You're impetuous and romantic, using your gut and heart to make important decisions. Your passionate nature may cause a few problems when it comes to love or close friendships. You aren't one to get bogged down with endless chores as you don't see the point in doing anything if your heart is not in it. Life's too short!

Your personality colour is yellow!

People love basking in the warmth of your personality; you light up a room even if you're not aware of it. Your sunny nature makes you optimistic and quick to reach out to both friends and strangers. You're naturally energetic and prefer to work on things with other people rather than on your own. If you are alone, your phone is probably your best friend!

Your personality colour is Purple

You're an independent, creative spirit who likes to make your own path and enjoy the different experiences that occur rather than focusing on the end result. You may sometimes feel different to most people around you, but you won't feel alone because purple's draw other alternative people to them. Other colours like being around purples because you see life that little bit differently!

Which animal matches your natural energy level:

Bumble bee

Sheep Dog




You have new neighbours moving in. You feel:





Are you a thinker or a feeler?



When you're travelling by train you prefer to face:

Where I'm going

Where I've been

Does anyone really notice?

What's your best way to banish stress after a hectic week?

Having a few drinks with friends

A punishing workout

A bit of frenzied duvet action

Relaxing in front of the TV

How brand conscious are you when it comes to clothes?

I like a few select expensive brands

I'd wear my favourite brands every day if I could afford it

I don't mind paying extra if I like a garment but it's not about the label

Why pay extra just to wear someone else's name?

You see a black limousine, what is the first thought that comes to mind?

Probably a celebrity

I wish I could ride in that one day

Oh wow, Uber has upgraded their cars

FBI or Mafia drive those

If you were given a free car, what type would you choose



Mini Van

Station Wagon

You see a nasty car accident. What are you most likely to do first:

Organise people so there's an effective response

Rush over to see if the drivers are hurt

Call the emergency services

Assure the casualties that it'll all be okay


You've got something important to do. You normally do it:


When I can multi-task it with something else

When I feel up to it

Just before the deadline

If you had a desk at work it would be:

Cluttered with random objects

Full of stacks of paper

Tidy but with lots of gadgets and photos

Clear and neat

You're stuck in an elevator with your favourite celebrity. Would you flirt with them?

Oh yes! In a heartbeat

I might try out a few chat up lines

I'd blush and ask for their autograph

No, I'd ask if they knew how to fix the elevator

Easy, right?

We first set the stage – asking you “What do you think when you see a black limo?”

This question connects colors and cars in your mind, so the next question feels totally natural. Wanting an accurate personality result, you’ll then give an accurate answer.

After you get a good pool of users taking your test, you can then get data from our dashboard.

With these results you can now approach car advertisers and tell them exactly what kind of car your readers would want to buy – in this case a SUV. They can tailor their ads and marketing copy to refer to SUVs and get awesome conversion rates, which will only make them come back to you for more.

Best practices:

When you build your own version of this test, make sure to keep these rules in mind:

  • The subject of the personality test does not need to correlate with your data collection objective. Just make sure to pick a fun and engaging topic that suits your general audience.
  • Do not place your data gathering question without first setting the stage. The question needs to look and feel like it’s part of the test and necessary for the user get an accurate result.
  • We recommend using an unscored question first that gets the user ready for the question that really matters. In our color test, we set the stage with the question about the black limousine.
  • Only use one data gathering question per test. If it’s obvious that you’re just out to get data, your test is not going to get high finish and share rates.

If you need help, reach out to us at – our team of professional writers is always there to give a helping hand.

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