Top 7 quiz creator reviews – compare 40+ features

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Want to create quizzes and collect leads for your website – but unsure which quiz maker to choose? Read on for our top 7 quiz creator reviews in the market today.

Marketing gurus know that quizzes are super powerful tools at engaging and growing your audience (AdWeek reported that quizzes are the most shared content online).

And don’t forget lead generation, either.

Quizzes get opt-in rates of up to 40% – that’s 20X the 2% average for standard lead generation options.

quiz creator reviews

Your challenge? There are a large number of good quiz makers out there – each with a different philosophy about engaging your site visitors.

We created these quiz creator reviews – comparing Riddle against six other popular quiz makers in the market today.

Sure, we’re big fans of Riddle – this is our blog, after all – but this quickly breaks down each quiz maker’s capabilities in a clear, easy to digest way.

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Pricing per month$29, $49, $199$24, $199, $999, $10,000$29, $89, $600$99, $299, $699, $1,999$22, $45, $115, $720$19, $89, $189, $489$29, $119, $199
How many types of quizzes?14342674
Create unlimited quizzes and engagementsYesYesYesNoNoNoNo
Collect unlimited leadsYesYesYesYesNoYesYes
Easily embed on your websiteYesYesYesNoYesYesYes
Fully responsive quizzes - look great on any deviceYesNoNoNoYesNoYes*
Send leads to any email marketing toolYesYes*YesYes*Yes*YesYes*
Fully white-labelled - add your logoYesYes*Yes*Yes*Yes*Yes*Yes
Add 'call to action' buttonsYesYesYesNoYesYesNo
Custom quiz redirects (to any URL)YesNoNoNoYesNoYes
Upload your own fontYesNoNo*NoNoNoNo
CSS editorYesYes*NoNoYesNoNo
Multi-user teams YesYesYesNoYesNoYes
Saved your own style templatesYesNoNoNoYesNoYes
Insert your own video or banner adsYesNoNoNoNoNoNo
Comments:- Unlimited quizzes - Unlimited views - Unlimited leads - Fully white-labelled - Full customization (CSS, custom fonts) - Rich media (videos, GIFs, etc.) - 1400 data integrations - Fully GDPR-compliant - # of leads: limits per month except for $999 and 10,000/mo plans - Data integrations only in $10K/mo plan - all others manual downloads only - Full white label only in $10K a month plan (Riddle @ $49). - Call to action buttons: $199 plans and up - CSS editing: only in their $10K/mo plan Personal data stored and processed in the U.S.- #'s of leads: limits from 1,000 to 5,000 leads/mo. Only $600/mo is unlimited - Images only - no videos, GIFs or social media in quizzes - Customer support - no chat or phone support for $29 and $89/mo plans. - Interact supports Google Fonts and Typekit. No uploading your own font. - GDPR: TryInteract - personal data stored/processed in the U.S- Simple quiz and a calculator only - Limits quiz takers - from 5K to 1M visits/mo - Only 3, 5, or 10 quizzes at a time - Limits leads by plan - to 30, 50, 100, or 10,000 leads/mo - White label - only $299 and higher plans - No data integration @ $99/mo plan - only four integrations in others. - GDPR: Unclear - compliance not mentioned on their site- Limits total # of quizzes - just 3 quizzes in $22/mo and 5 in the $45/mo - Limits leads by plan - 100% white label option - only with $720 a month plan - Data connection via webhook only with $720/mo plan - GDPR: Unclear - double opt-in & form checkboxes. No info @ where personal information is stored.- Brandquiz limits #'s of quiz takers - 250 for $19/mo, 2500 for $89/mo, 10K for $189/mo - Only 25, 250, 2500, 10000 leads/mo. Unlimited in top plan. - Can't add your logo (or your clients') below your quizzes - Images only - no videos, GIFs or social media in quizzes - Limits monthly quiz takers - only top plan is unlimited - Images only - no videos, animated GIFs or social media in quizzes - Lead generation not included in $29/mo plan - Data connection via webhook - not supported - Customer support - support chat or phone support - GDPR: NOT compliant

Quiz creator reviews – in-depth analysis

Want to dive into more detail for each of these quiz creator reviews?

Here’s our 1:1 comparison of Riddle vs. each of these options – covering 40+ features, ranging from white label, quiz variety, customization, email collection, and even GDPR compliance:

Quiz creator reviews – why quizzes do work?

It’s all about timing and context. Quizzes are informative and fun – and since we humans are hard-wired to love discovering new things about ourselves – they’re irresistible.

Then, once you have engaged your visitors answering an average of 6-10 questions over three minutes per quiz, they’re in an ‘answering’ frame of mind.

If you show them a form with a compelling call to action, right before they see their results – they’re far more likely to sign up. And boom! Just like that you’ve got a new lead to send your automatic drip marketing messages – giving you a great shot at converting them to a happy customer.

We’re bonafide quiz geeks here at Riddle. (No surprise, right? We just put a ridiculous amount of time researching these quiz creator reviews.)

Our team has a combined 25+ years of quiz experience and even wrote a book called “Quizmaster: Growth hack your marketing through quizzes and personality tests“.

If you have any questions about how and why quizzes work, please drop us a line at or via support chat.

(We’re also passionate about customer support – our entire team (CEO on down) races to respond to messages in under two minutes flat.)

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