Checklist: Is your quiz maker GDPR compliant?

Quizzes and the GDPR

Quizzes are powerful marketing tools – enabling you to easily qualify leads and potential customers through emails and quiz responses.
However, the EU’s new GDPR is here to stay – so we’ve whipped up this GDPR quiz maker checklist to help you know if you and your quiz maker are compliant.
Starting May 2020, the GDPR was a massive revolution in privacy and data protection regulations. Any site that collects personal information (name, email, even IP-address) from EU visitors faces huge fines of up to 20M Euros ($23,000,000) – whether based in the EU or not. Ouch.

Online quizzes are especially high-risk. As you know, they’re incredibly popular – especially to collect emails and qualify potential customers. The good news is that staying GDPR-safe with quizzes is pretty straightforward.

Our handy GDPR quiz maker checklist below covers key questions every website should ask their quiz maker – to make sure they comply with the GDPR. From servers to opt-ins and data protection, we cover the 17 factors you should look at to make sure your quiz maker is safe.

GDPR checklist

General things that you should do to comply with GDPR:

  • Assign a designated data protection officer
  • Use GDPR compliant vendors and sub-contractors
  • Encrypt all personal data you collect and store
  • Store data ONLY in the EU

Quiz makers and GDPR – what to look out for

  • Ensure that your quiz maker complies with the GDPR
    • You should screen them thoroughly! Most quiz makers claim they are GDPR compliant, but they are not!
  • Your quiz maker should have a clear opt-out process if you don’t want it to collect data
  • All data that is collected by your quiz maker has to stay in the EU
  • Does your quiz maker have a data protection agreement with the EU that is monitored?

Your responsibilities as a business owner

  • Quickly erase all customer data if requested.
  • Promply resond to EU customer inquiries
  • Report data breaches – fast!

We hope you find this useful – and just give us a shout at if we can answer any quiz or GPDR questions.

Riddle is a GDPR compliant quizmaker

It should be pretty clear that GDPR is not a joke and you need to be serious about it.

If you use quizzes in your marketing (as you should), you should trust a quiz maker, that is GDPR compliant – Like Riddle quiz maker:

  • Riddle does not store personal data
  • Riddle’s servers are based in Germany and Luxemburg (both EU)
  • We are not using any external cloud service that is non-european
  • Riddle is not using Google Analytics (we use the self-hosted version of Matomo)
  • We are not tracking individual data, only aggregated metrics

So you see, Riddle is your “Go-to quiz maker” when it comes to GDPR.

But did you know that the BBC, NFL, Red Bull and many more use us for this but also our awesome features? Check out their quiz examples in our showcase!

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