Absolutely – as part of our Team plan, you can use your own font to seamlessly blend your quiz to your site.

You can use any font from:

  • Adobe TypeKit
  • Google Fonts
  • Fonts.com
  • Fontdeck
  • Or, upload your own

We created this nifty blog post to show how.

Hosting your own font

We know many brands have their own bespoke font.

Need to add your own font directly? It’s super easy:

  • Select ‘custom’ from the main font menu
  • Then choose ‘custom’ from font provider
  • You can add the URL where you are hosting your font.
  • Add the font name in the ‘font override’ section

Or you can ask us on support chat – we’ll embed your .woff or .woff2 file on our server, and give you the URL that you can use.

You can easily convert any font file to a .woff format – we’re big fans of Cloud Convert’s free tools.

Why use your own font in a quiz?

Riddle quizzes are easy to embed in any website or CMS – from WordPress to Squarespace and Wix.

Quizzes perform best for your users when they match your site’s look and feel – blending seamlessly into the experience, instead of feeling like a third-party widget awkwardly embedded on your page.

Custom fonts plus CSS – a perfect combination

You can also take this to the next level – using our CSS editor.

Also part of our Team plan, the CSS editor lets you remove borders, adjust colors, change hover states, and even change the layout of your quiz or other interactive content.

Partners like Red Bull, CNN, and the BBC leverage these tools to all of their Riddle content looks and feels 100% like their own content.

Live quiz examples – using custom fonts

You can explore some of our favorite live quizzes from our partners – using both CSS and their own custom fonts. Check out the examples from Choice Hotels, the BBC, and Grubhub in particular.

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