How do team style templates work?

Part of our ENTERPRISE plan, team style templates are a powerful way to save time, while ensuring your quizzes seamlessly match your site’s look and feel.

All changes you make under the ‘Customize’ section can be saved – from fonts to colors, logos and social sharing.

  • Create a team.
  • Under ‘My Riddles’ – make sure that team is selected.
  • Start making any type of Riddle.
  • In the ‘Customize’ step, select ‘slot 1’ from the ‘Team style template’ dropdown.
  • Click ‘rename’ and type the team’s name.
  • Style your Riddle – using each of the five tabs in the ‘Customize’ step.
  • Click ‘save’ to lock in your changes.

As a team admin, you can create up to 10 style templates per team. Need more? Just ask us at

Teams have three different roles:

  • Admins: can create templates
  • Editors and authors: can both apply templates but not save any additional styling changes

Here’s a video we whipped up showing more info:

team templates rev2