You bet. You can set your default style template for each and every team in your Riddle account.

As back story, team style templates are your saved combination of fonts, colors, CSS and more.

Once you create one, setting a default style template for a team is a good idea.

This way – every time one of your colleagues starts making a quiz, your style template that matches your site’s unique look/feel will automatically be applied.

default style template - through top menu

Setting your team’s default style template

Here’s how your team owner or your team admins can do this:

default style template - team settings section
default style template - settings

(Note: once the style template is applied, it doesn’t prevent your team members from making other changes. We designed style templates so that your team can save time, but also use their creativity to make any changes are needed for a particular quiz.)

Video: How to set your default style template

Text and images are great – but we know that sometimes, it’s just easier to watch a video walkthrough.

Here’s our co-founder Mike who was stuck in a surprisingly (very) hot England when filming – he had to rock a tank top to avoid melting!



(We’ve chosen to include a transcript with each of our video walkthroughs – to help the members of our online community who use screen readers and other devices. It’s all part of our commitment to being an accessible online quiz maker.)

Hi there, my name is Mike and I’m one of the co-founders here at Riddle. In this video, I’m going to show you how you can use our team style templates to create a default look for your brand or sites and save it. so that’s automatically applied to any new quizzes you or your team create.

This is a really good way to state brand compliant or brand consistent. You just set your look once and there you go. You can also set a different default template for different teams.

Imagine you have brand A, brand B, and brand C. You can have default style templates for each these teams.

OK, so this feature is a Team plan feature and you’ll need to be in a team workspace (not your ‘Personal account’).

Now, you’ll see here I’m in ‘Mike’s test team’ – I’m going to go up here to click on my teams to get into the settings. And I have lots and lots of teams. Next, I’m going to click on EDIT.

Oh, before I do that. I apologize for the tank top. I’m based in England and about one week of the year we get an absolute scorcher of a week. We don’t do well over here with hot weather. So it is roasting.

OK, so now I’m in Mike’s test team, I’m going to set a default template in this case, I’m going to set Reach PLC Demo as the default style template, then I’m going to click update now for any new content I create.

Watch what happens.

So, again, I’m in my workspace here and I’m going to click on a quiz.  Look what happens in the customize step. You’ll see your default style template is automatically applied.

One other cool thing is if I want to change things – say, if your branding changes as a company.

Watch what happens. And this is because I’m the team owner or a team admin. I can then update this default style template. There you go.

So that’s how you do it.

Any questions about using our style templates or anything about Riddle in general? Just ask us on our support chat, which is down here in the bottom right corner.

You’ll catch myself, my co-founder Boris and all of our developers. We have a monthly beer competition to the person who answers the most tickets. So we respond super quickly because pride and beer are at stake. All right. That’s style templates.

Any questions?

Give us a shout and Happy Riddling.

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