Reset your Wordpress token

Riddle’s WordPress plug-in makes it easy to create and embed quizzes on your self-hosted WordPress sites.

But sometimes, you might see a message saying your token is not working.

Fear not – there’s an easy fix.

(The back story? Riddle uses a token as a security measure – it’s the magic key to let you create/embed content from your Riddle account directly with WordPress. Occasionally, we’ll ask you to reset your token – to ensure that this connection remains secure.)

Right – here’s what you’ll need to do:

Remove your Riddle token in WordPress:

As a first step, you’ll need to erase your existing token from your WordPress plug-in.

  • You can click on ‘My Riddles’
  • Then click on ‘remove WP token’

Next – you’ll want to reset your token on

  • Go to the ‘plug-ins’ section
  • Click ‘reset’
  • Then copy/paste this new token in your WordPress plug-in.