Our multiple personality option is pretty cool – you can show each user how they scored across all of your various results.

However – we are often asked: “Hey, the total scores don’t add up to 100%. Why not?”

For personality tests, it’s a little tricky – we calculate the total points possible for the particular options chosen.

There is often no 100% sum of the results – rounding often throws things off slightly.

Multiple personality results scoring

Let’s take a look at a personality test example – using multiple personality results.

Your quiz “Are you a cat or dog person?” has two personalities A (‘Cats’) and B (‘Dogs’).

Your personality test questions are scored as follows:

Question 1: 

  • Answer #1 scores 10pts for Personality A / 5pts for B
  • Answer #2 scores 10pts for Personality B / 5pts for A

Question 2:

  • #1 scores 20pts for Pers. A / 10pts for B
  • #2 get 20pts for for Pers. B / 10pts for A

Question 3:

  • #1 scores 20pts for Pers. A / 10pts for B
  • #2 get 20pts for for Pers. B / 10pts for A

Each personality has a maximum of 16 possible points.

Imagine your user answers:

  • Q1: option 2
  • Q2: option 2
  • Q3: option 2

Personality A (meow!) would get 10pts – and personality B would get 40 (woof!)

However, instead of Dog=80%, Cat=20%, the breakdown is a little tricker:

So your multiple personality results will be:

  • Personality A ‘Cat’ – 33% 25 out of 75 total points (for the options selected)
  • Personality B ‘Dog’ – 67% 50 out of 75 (for the options selected)

Personality test – live examples

If you want to see some personality tests in action – check out these live examples from our Riddle community:

Can we help with any questions?

Any questions about creating your own personality test, or using this extended personality test results feature?

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(Our current average time to respond? Under two minutes… how’s that for fast?) 🙂

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