Display ads above or below your quiz

Quizzes are brilliant at engaging your site visitors – with an average of 2 min 47 seconds spent per quiz. Now we’ve added another easy way to monetize this traffic – add an iFrame containing an ad unit below your quiz. With 8-10 questions per quiz – that’s 8-10 ad impressions were quiz; that can be a big boost your ad inventory.

If you are using an Ad Server, please check out our post on how to use your Adserver AdTags within a Riddle.

But even without an AdServer, you can easily place ads into your Riddles using an in-quiz iFrame.

(The iFrame is super flexible – you can go beyond ads to display other useful information such as communications to your audience, more in-depth brand sponsorships, and more. And don’t worry – we will never, ever run ads in your quizzes.)

Right, so let’s get started:

(You’ll need to be an Enterprise user for this feature – or using our 14 day free trial.)

  • In the ‘Customize’ step, go to the ‘Basic’ tab and activate “Custom iFrame”
  • Add the URL where you host the iFrame – then set the height.
  • Make sure the iFrame URL starts with https (!)
    • Riddle quiz embeds are https (secured with a SSL certificate) – so anything inside your quiz will need to be SSL-secured as well.
  • The width of the iFrame will be defined by the width of the responsive Riddle frame.
    • For example – our quizzes are by default 640px wide, so you will need your iFrame to be that width.
    • Ideally, you should make your iFrame code responsive as well, so it looks great on any device.

Check out our quick sample quiz below – that features an iFrame ad for special offers to Hawaii (please make sure any ad blockers are off):

The iFrame code is super simple for this example – just a line of text and a clickable image. You can copy it from the code below to get started.


There you have it – if you have any questions, please ask us on support chat… we’re always happy to help out!