You can quickly add your logo – and hide all Riddle branding – in any of our 15 types of quizzes and other interactive content.

As part of our Pro and Team plans, Riddle is a fully white-labelled online quiz maker. Check our blog post “Which white label plan is right for you?” – to learn more about these two plans.

You can easily create quizzes that 100% match your site’s branding, including custom fonts and CSS.

But for now, let’s stick to showing you how to add your logo – and hide all Riddle branding.

Are you creating content for different clients? Agencies love Riddle – you can upload a different logo for each quiz.

  • From ‘My Riddles’, click on ‘Edit’ next to any quiz
  • Go to the ‘Customize’ step
  • Under ‘Footer branding’ in the ‘Branding and footer’ section, select the ‘No footer’ – this removes the brand footer (and the Riddle logo) entirely. 
  • Similar to the ‘hide the Riddle logo’ option, go to the ‘Branding & footer’ section in the ‘Customize’ step.
  • Choose ‘Custom logo’ – choose the size (we recommend 240px as a starting point).
  • Click ‘Upload and save’.
  • Need to adjust the size? ‘Clear and upload new’ will let you start over.
  • Alignment: have your logo appear on the left, right, or center of the footer.
  • Clickable logo: You can also make your logo clickable – just add a URL to direct anyone who clicks on your logo.

Show your logo (or your own ads) above or below a quiz

We like giving you options (many!) when it comes to creating a quiz.

You can also place your logo (or other content like ads) above or below your quiz – with our ad tags feature and our Team plan.

Read our handy blog post that shows you how it works with our quiz maker.

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