How can I hide the Riddle logo (or add my own)?

No problem – we designed Riddle so you could easily create quizzes that 100% match your site’s branding.

With our PRO and ENTERPRISE plans, you can hide all Riddle branding – as well as upload your own logo.

Are you creating content for different clients? Agencies love Riddle – you can upload a different logo for each quiz.

Check our blog post “Which white label plan is right for you?” – to learn more about these two plans.

How to hide the Riddle logo (and add your own):

  • From ‘My Riddles’, click on ‘Edit’ next to any quiz
  • Go to the ‘Customize’ step
  • In the ‘Style’ tab, select the ‘Footer branding’ option to:
    • Remove the brand footer entirely 
    • Choose ‘custom’ and ‘choose your logo’ to upload your own image.


    • Add your logo image file then choose the width and alignment of your logo.
    • Click ‘upload and save’
  • Click ‘Publish’ to make these changes live.

For added flexibility, you can also set the size and alignment of your logo, as well as set the color of the logo footer to better match your branding.