How can I customize quiz social sharing?

Riddle’s quiz maker has been designed with integrated social sharing – so your audience can easily share their quiz results with their friends and social networks. All that built-in social virality makes your quizzes powerful viral marketing and content tools – as AdWeek points out, quizzes are the most shared content online.

On average – we’ve found about anywhere up to 10% of visitors share their quiz results on social media (a good average is 3-4%). It might not sound like a lot – but that’s high quality, free traffic – all coming back to your site to get their own results and continue the viral conversation with their friends.

Your audience will be able to easily share their results on:

  • Facebook
  • WhatsApp
  • Twitter
  • Messenger
  • LinkedIn


The way sharing with Riddle works:

  1. Your audience takes any Riddle quiz.
  2. They see their results.
  3. Can click to share on their chosen social network.
  4. Each quiz has default social sharing – such as “I just got <result title> on <quiz name> at <URL>. How about you?”

Customization of social messages:

  • Click on the ‘social’ tab in the ‘Customize’ step.
  • You can turn social sharing on/off for each social network.
  • Each message can also be customized by social network to support your social media campaigns. Include a hashtag and short message for Twitter, or be more chatty on Facebook – the options are yours!
  • For example, your Twitter users might share ‘Sweet, I got “You’re hella a local” on this “San Francisco: The Locals’ Challenge” quiz. #SFrocks’, while you might prefer a more formal “Can you beat my 8/8 onthis “San Francisco: The Locals’ Challenge” quiz?” for LinkedIn or Facebook.

You can add:

  • $result to insert the user’s score (ex. 6/10)
  • $score_title for the title of user’s results (“You’re a cat lover!”)
  • $link for your quiz URL