Use statistics to optimize your quiz

Your Riddle quizzes are living, breathing bits of interactive awesomeness. When you create a quiz in our quiz maker, that’s just the start. You can use the stats on our ‘Analyze’ step to improve your quiz, and make sure it’s effective with your audience.

Our stat page shows the funnel of your user’s entire journey:

  • Views: People who came across the quiz embedded on your site (they may or may not click on it)
  • Engagements: # of people who clicked and interacted with your quiz
  • Completions: # of people who finished it (answered the last question)

And of course:

  • Shares: how many people shared across Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Time on site: how long your quiz takers spend with your quiz (on average_
  • Leads: # of people who completed your lead form

quiz maker statistics - individual quiz

[Updated] September 12, 2019:

We just rolled out our biggest improvement to our quiz analytics module, with loads of new data points, such as:

  • Call to action button clicks
  • Skipping lead form
  • Sharing by social network
  • And many more

Plus – you can now view/compare your quiz stats on a daily basis. This is a big, big improvement to our quiz maker – before, you could only see your lifetime quiz stats.

However – viewing these data points only start tracking from September 12, 2019 onwards.

Example: Your super-popular quiz has been live since 2018, with 2 million+ quiz completes and over 250,000 leads.

  • Using our ‘all time’ stats: you will see this lifetime quiz data.

  • Using our ‘date range’ option: you can only see data after September 12.

Use stats to optimize your quiz:

You can use our statistics module in our quiz maker to improve your Riddle quizzes.

For example, if the your completion % is low, you know that you should try a different image or title for the quiz, to get people clicking.

If the completion rate falls below 70%, you can look at our question by question waterfall graph, and see if there’s a question causing many people to leave.

Other good benchmarks:

  • Share rate: 3-4% is a solid share percentage. Is yours lower? Try more compelling ‘result’ text – make them funny/engaging so people want to share.
  • Time on site: quizzes are rock stars at engaging site visitors. An average Riddle quiz or personality test will spend about 3 minutes 34 seconds on a page – that 56% better than the internet average of 2 minutes 17 seconds. Single questions polls and the like will be less – but the key takeaway is that site visitors that click are site visitors that stay (longer).
  • Lead completion: 8-9% is normal, but we’ve seen upwards of 32% with a good call to action. The secret? Go beyond ‘sign up for my newsletter’ (yawn!). Give each user a ‘too good to miss’ reason to sign up – from a special discount offer to a free 15 minute Skype consultation or a giveaway.

Reset your quiz stats

Testing is a key part of any successful quiz – you should definitely share your quiz with coworkers and friends to see what they think.

But before you launch your quiz to the world, use our ‘reset quiz stats’ option so your quiz statistics do not include data from your test audience.

Want to learn more about quiz statistics?

Check out our blog post ‘Understanding Riddle statistics’  or grab our free ebook ‘Quizmaster’ – chock full of our quiz tips and best practices from our 35 years combined quiz expertise.