How can I change my password?

Changing your password for your Riddle online quiz maker account is a snap.

  1. Click on the ‘…’ menu in the to righthand corner of the screen.
  2. Select ‘Account’
  3. Then ‘Change password’

Change password for Riddle's quiz maker

Forgot your current password?

Don’t feel bad, this happens a lot – we all have to remember dozens of passwords these days.

  • Click ‘Log out’
  • Then ‘Sign in – and ‘forgot password’
  • If you originally used Facebook or Twitter to sign up, your account email will be the email address you used these social networks.
Forgot password link for Riddle's quiz maker

Our tips for a secure password

It’s important to create a secure password for your quiz maker account on Riddle. After all, your quizzes will be a key part of your marketing and customer engagement efforts – and you’ll be collecting personal information from each quiz lead.

Keeping your account secure is critical.

We’ve spent countless hours – and have undergone penetration testing and Infosec security audits from the likes of the BBC – to make sure that our systems are secure.

But no matter what we do – if you create a weak password, your account is at risk.

Hackers are getting smarter every day – coming up with ways to gain access to accounts defended by insecure passwords.

Random trivia: did you know that ‘password’ is still one of the most common phrases used in 2020? And hackers know it – using an insecure password is practically inviting them to gain acccess.

Here’s the list of the 10 most common phrases people use to lock their accounts – according to the IDG’s Chief Security Officer magazine (

  1. 123456
  2. 111111
  3. 12345
  4. senha
  5. 123456789
  6. picture1
  7. password
  8. 12345678
  9. 123123
  10. 1234567890

Can you pick the most secure phrase?

What’s the most secure password from these examples?

  1. maybe*this
  2. 91383419
  3. ABdc!7Y
  4. Mycat567

The answer? It’s #3 – ABdc!7Y

It has all three of the basic elements of a strong phrase recommended by experts: 

  1. a combination of letters, numbers and symbols
  2. includes both upper and lower case letters
  3. it does not contain any words from the dictionary
good password tips

Any questions?

Having any trouble changing your password? Or just questions about creating a quiz or collecting leads with Riddle?

Whatever the topic – just give us a shout with our support chat. You won’t get a bot or unhelpful outsourced support team – instead our whole team handles customer questions. You’ll probably catch our CEO Boris racing our whole team to answer you first.

(We love being fast to respond – our average response time is about two minutes or less. Check out this example below – ten seconds for our co-founder Mike to help out this customer. Zoom!)

Riddle customer support response times