Review Riddle Cookies

This is a plain website with no trackers or pixels.

It will allow you to review all the cookies and trackers that a simple Riddle embed code will generate

You will only see a session cookie set by Riddle and nothing else. There are no trackers from Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Facebook or any other service fired by a Riddle embed.

We have created this page to show you, that we are really serious about GDPR and the privacy of your users

Important note

Before you view the cookies, make sure to clear your browser cache and delete all cookies. If you had been logged in to Riddle as a creator before or visited our blog or documentation, there will be other trackers. While we never track your users through our Riddle embed, we do have Google Analytics running when you create content on riddle or when you visit our blog. We do that to improve our service for you by learning which features are most and least used.

The best way to see which trackers a website is using, in our opinion, is to install the Brave Browser. Brave is an ultra secure browser which will highlight any kind of trackers a website it using.

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