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Personality tests are the most viral of all quizzes. It’s for one reason – personality tests let people discover something new about themselves, then share their results with their friends. With Riddle’s extended results option, our quiz maker lets your users dive deeper. Beyond their main result, each person can now see how they scored on all the possible result types – for a more complete quiz experience.

For example, imagine you had a personality test called “What type of dog are you?”. Using the extended results, a user could see their top result ‘You’re a labrador’, as well as their scores for the other possibilities (‘You’re 65% pug, 42% poodle, etc.).

These deeper results are better for engagement – people love seeing how they rank across all the possibilities. Plus, y0u’ll see a boost in social virality – seeing all the possible personality types is a great prompt to get people to share with their matching friends.

Personality test – extended results (video walkthrough):

Personality test – extended results in 4 easy steps:

  1. Create a personality test on Riddle
  2. Select ‘Customize’
  3. Then the ‘More options’ tab
  4. Switch on ‘Extended overview’

We’ve designed Riddle’s quiz maker to be incredibly flexible, and this feature is no different. You can customize almost every aspect of the extended results section to match your unique needs:

  • Show extended overview – this hides the user’s standard ‘primary’ result from test, and just shows their list of personality types.
  • # of personalities in overview – choose how many personality types to include, beyond the main result outcome

extended results

  • Extended overview/description – you can add in your text introducing and explaining your extended personality results section.
  • Display personality titles only / hide personality images – these options are ideal if you’d like to keep your personality test compact. Hide each result description or images – to minimize scrolling by your audience

extended results

Hope this helps  – but just give us a shout at hello@riddle.com… we quickly read and respond to every message!

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