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Quiz Types
What types of quiz or poll can I make?

Create a quiz, personality test, or 15 poll, survey, and quiz formats

Engage your audience with a huge range of quizzes - including personality tests, polls, surveys, and more! (Learn more)

Connect Any Email Software
Can I collect emails in my quiz?

Connect your marketing software

Make a quiz and easily send all leads to MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, AWeber, or any other marketing tool. (Learn more)

Is it easy to put a quiz on my site?
Is it easy to put a quiz on my site?

Publish anywhere

Your Riddle quiz will work in any site or CMS, from Wordpress to Wix, Squarespace to Shopify. If you know how to add a YouTube video, you can embed your quiz. It’s that easy. (Learn more)

Can I make quiz lead forms?
Can I make quiz lead forms?

Create your own lead forms

Add a lead generation form to your quiz. Collect the data you need with over 15 fields. With an intuitive drag/drop functionality, our form builder is quick and easy to use. (Learn more)

GDPR-compliant quiz maker
Is collecting quiz leads allowed?

GDPR-compliant quiz maker

Collect quiz leads safely - Riddle's online quiz creator is fully GDPR-compliant, and meets global privacy regulations like California's CCPA and the EU's GDPR. (Learn more)

Can I send personalized emails to quiz takers?
Can I send personalized emails to quiz takers?

Convert more customers

Automatically send personalized marketing messages, based on each quiz taker's responses. (Learn more)

Could I place my own ads?
Could I place my own ads?

Tailor quizzes to your goals

Want to collect leads? Grow your audience? How about run your own in-quiz ads?

Riddle's quiz toolkit is flexible - designed for the modern marketer.

Can I add my own tracking pixels?
Can I add my own tracking pixels?

Measure your marketing with Facebook pixels & Google Tag Manager

Improve your marketing - track your quiz conversions using Facebook Pixels, Google Tag Manager, and more. Make a quiz, then measure who starts, finishes, and completes your lead forms. (Learn more)

No limit pricing
How many quizzes or leads do I get?

"No limit" pricing - seriously.

All our online quiz maker plans are completely unlimited - with no caps on how many people take your quiz or fill in your lead form. (Learn more)

Free trial - 30 day moneyback guarantee
Can I cancel at any time?

30 day moneyback guarantee

No set up fees or long-term contracts. Sign up is easy - and you can cancel our test maker any time.

Your quizzes will always stay live on your site - even if you cancel. (Learn more)

Riddle helps our Children's Interactive team to quickly create engaging content that provide compelling data insights about our audience.

derek harvie
Derek Harvie

Executive Producer - BBC (CBeebies & CBBC)


Our teams love Riddle’s flexibility. We can rapidly create and deploy unique branded quizzes and other content for our clients’ custom campaigns.

Lior Geller
Lior Geller

Director of Product - Minute Media


Riddle is simple to use - and simply great. Be creative, go wild – it's easy to create fun experiences on any device and collect leads on the way.

mohammed brueckner
Mohammed Brueckner

Director, E-Commerce - Stage Entertainment


We're big fans. Easy to create and extensively customizable - our clients have seen a big lift in engagement and email collection.

jonathan mcconnell
Jonathan McConnell

Head of Digital Operations - Sotic Digital Sports Agency


Riddle is a brilliant tool, and plays an important role for us - making it easy to create smart, on-brand interactive content and embed it anywhere.

adam gillett
Adam Gillett​

Supporter Data & Platforms Lead - Which?

Quiz lead forms

Collect the data you need -
with a custom lead generation form

Send data

Drag and drop any of 16 customizable fields. Save form templates for easy re-use. (Learn more)

Email marketing

Send your leads (and quiz responses) to any marketing software

Lead form

Connect your quiz with lead generation to Hubspot, Salesforce, Constant Contact, or 1500+ other tools with our Zapier app. Automatically sync all leads and quiz data to power your marketing funnel - no coding required.(Learn more)

Google Docs

Save all your leads and quiz data to your Google Docs account (or a CSV/XLS file)

Save data

Save and export your leads with our online quiz creator. Automatically send leads to any Google Sheet - or download quiz leads as a CSV/XLS file. (Learn more)

100% white labelled
100% white labelled

Your quiz, your brand

Add your logo (or your client's) - then upload your font, and set your quiz colors, backgrounds and CSS for a seamless brand experience. (Learn more)

Say it With Pics
Can I add images, audio, & video?

Say it with pictures
(or GIFs, videos, and audio)

Easily find and add images, videos, & GIFs with our test maker. Create a video or audio quiz that jumps off the screen.

Search Google, Pexels, YouTube, Giphy, Facebook, Twitter, and stock photos - or upload your own pics or MP3 audio and MP4 video clips. (Learn more)

Will my quiz be accessible?
Will my quiz be accessible?

Fully accessible online quiz maker

Engage your whole audience - with our fully accessible online quiz maker. Riddle is WCAG 2.1-compliant - so your quizzes can be taken by people with a wide range of disabilities. (Learn more)

Your quiz, your style

Get creative with custom CSS

CSS Editor

Seamlessly blend your quiz to your site. Customize (almost) everything with our online quiz maker - from buttons to borders, layouts to alignments and more.(Learn more)

Custom fonts

Match fonts with your site

Custom fonts

Use your own font when you create a quiz - upload your own font, or use any from Google, Adobe Typekit, Fontdeck, or (Learn more)

Style templates

Save time with team templates

Team templates

Keep your team's quizzes on-brand. Save all your quiz styles as a style template for easy reuse - from colors, branding, fonts, and more. (Learn more)

No coding
Is it hard to make a quiz?

No coding -
just add text and images

Our online quiz creator is super intuitive and designed for anyone to use. Create beautiful quizzes in just minutes - no tech or coding skilled necessary. (Learn more)

Will my quiz work on my site?
Will my quiz work on my site?

Publish to any site -
just copy, paste... done!

Your Riddle quiz or personality test will work in any site or CMS, from Wordpress to Wix, Squarespace to Shopify.

Simply copy & paste the embed code or use our Wordpress plug-in.

Seriously - it's super easy. If you know how to add a YouTube video, you can embed your Riddle quiz.(Learn more)

Will my quiz look good on smartphones?
Will my quiz look good on smartphones?

Quizzes look great on any device

Fully responsive, our quizzes resize automatically for smartphone, tablet, or desktop - for the best viewing experience. (Learn more)

Google AMP
Does Riddle support Google AMP?

Go mobile with Google AMP

Make a quiz, then publish to Google AMP for even faster mobile loading. (Learn more)

Can I collect leads with double opt-in?
Can I collect leads with double opt-in?

Control your email marketing

We support double opt-in confirmations for all our lead generation options, including Google Sheets, MailChimp, and ActiveCampaign.

Can I choose when to show quiz answers?
Can I choose when to show quiz answers?

Control the ‘big reveal’

Immediately reveal answers after each question - or wait until after your lead generation form (for more conversions). You get to decide. (Learn more)

Can I show my lead form before their results?
Can I show my lead form before their results?

Optional lead forms

Gate off each quiz taker’s results unless they complete your lead form - or let them skip it. The choice is yours. (Learn more)

How can I save my quiz leads?
How can I save my quiz leads?

Collect data, the way you want

Make a quiz, then automatically save leads to your Google Sheet, as an Excel or CSV file, or use our Zapier app and webhook. (Learn more)

Loads of flexibility, great CSS overrides, great integration with Zapier, and amazing customer service. Actually, one of the best customer service platforms I have ever had the pleasure to use. I could not recommend Riddle any higher.

Tim Vaughan rough
Tim Vaughan

Director - Frogbox


Riddle's customer support is amazing. From the moment we got on the site, we were asked if we had questions or needed help. The Riddle team does a fantastic job of making sure you have everything you need. That being said, the product itself is also very easy to use and implement.

dylin redling
Dylin Redding

Founder - Retire at 45


There's some great features which gave Riddle's online quiz maker a big step up over anything else we could find. It was especially useful being able to enter in a huge range of potential results (200 combinations) into a personality-type quiz to give people very specific results, and then direct them to a landing page on our site.

alex parr
Alex Parr

Senior marketing manager - Cooler Master


Great tool for professional quiz making. Best online quiz maker product out there! Riddle's super easy to use, and getting better all the time. Plus, they've GREAT and super fast responding customer support!

Lauri Lahteenmaki

Data journalist - Sanomat


Fantastic tool for engagement. Love it! It's so easy to use, and there's lots of variation so it's great for content marketing and lead generation. I also love the customer support I've had from Riddle. Any questions I have are quickly answered and with a smile.

Katy Cowan

Founder - Creative Boom

Can I redirect users from their results?
Can I redirect users from their results?

One quiz, many landing pages

Convert more leads by sending quiz takers to different URLs, based on their quiz results. (Learn more)

Can I show offers based on quiz results?
Can I show offers based on quiz results?

Add custom 'call to actions'

Set up custom 'call to action' buttons based on quiz takers’ results. Perfect for delivering targeted offers, content recommendations, and more through our online quiz builder. (Learn more)

Can I show offers based on quiz results?
Can I give my quiz a time limit?

Add a timer to any quiz

Make a quiz with a timer - give your audience a time limit to either answer each question or finish their quiz. Quiz timers are a powerful way to increase quiz completions and word of mouth virality - everyone loves to brag when they beat the clock! (Learn more)

Create quiz contests
Can I use quizzes for giveaways?

Create your own quiz-powered giveaways and contests

Make any quiz an online competition (similar to Buzzfeed quizzes) with our quiz builder. Similar to Kahoot, create, collect entries with a lead form - then challenge your audience with a quiz timer ('Get 90% correct in 60 seconds for your chance to win!').

Get up to 45% of quiz takers to opt-in to your quiz lead form. (Learn more)

Create quiz contests
Could we have multiple users?

Collaborate with your team

Create a quiz with your colleagues and clients using our Teams feature. Give everyone their own login - with three levels of quiz editing privileges. (Learn more)

Can I see quiz reports?
Can I see quiz reports?

Analytics to optimize your quiz

Find out what works (and what doesn't) with our quiz analytics. Track starts, finishes, shares, and leads using our quiz builder - then download for in-depth reporting. (Learn more)

Lightning-fast support
How can I get help?

Lightning-fast support

We're big customer service geeks - and everyone (from our CEO Boris down) will race each other to help you get the most from our online quiz maker.

Any questions - just ask on support chat; we're averaging just 2.1 minutes to respond. (Learn more)

Free quiz maker training
Can I get quiz training?

Free quiz maker training

Our team of quiz wizards are here to help - from our online quiz maker blog to complimentary onboarding, monthly webinars, and best practice sessions.

Do you need some tips to make a quiz? Just ask us on support chat or by email - we're always glad to help.

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