We added three team roles to Riddle’s team function so you can create quizzes together with your colleagues.

But working collaboratively can pose some challenges – so we added different these roles, to help you manage your quiz maker team more effectively.

Riddle team roles

  • Admins: no surprise here, admins are the most powerful of our team roles.
  • Editors: ideal for the majority of your team members 
    • Can create and publish any type of Riddle content
    • Can apply – but not change – any templates
  • Authors: designed for junior members of your team, interns or freelancers
    • Can do everything an editor can – except publish quizzes.
    • They’ll need to get an editor or admin to do that.
    • Authors will see a ‘You don’t have publishing rights’ message in the publish step.
Team roles - author

Team roles – best practices

Riddle’s team plan comes with 10 licenses – and unlimited teams. You can add unlimited numbers of contributors (across team roles) as well – each additional license is $19 per month (see our pricing here).

We recommend you create a minimum of two teams – one for finished quiz or other Riddle content, the other for drafts.

When your team finalizes a quiz, they should transfer the quiz to the ‘finished’ team.

Additional team ideas

You might also want to add teams separated by:

  • Language – you might be supporting sites across multiple languages, so we recommend Riddle’s publishing partners create teams for each language (French, Spanish, etc.).
  • Department – one team for marketing, another for editorial, and so on.
  • Client – this is especially true for agencies using Riddle. Client-specific teams help them collaborate – while limited their visibility and access to their content only.

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