Combine AWeber email automation with Riddle‘s online quiz maker to easily create highly personalized and effective email marketing campaigns.

Send your quiz leads & responses to your AWeber account

We know that growing your business online is a tough challenge.

First, you need to capture the attention of your target audience.

Quizzes and interactive content excel at turning passive browsers into active, engaged participants.

But that’s just the start.

You then have to convert them to paying customers.

Convert more customers using quiz lead generation with AWeber and Riddle's online quiz maker

That’s where Riddle’s AWeber integration comes in.

Send personalized follow-up messages that are both relevant and specific to each user – based on their quiz results.

Why use Riddle and Aweber?

Imagine you’re selling online cooking classes for all skill levels.

You go ahead and create a “What type of cook are you?” quiz with tough cooking-related questions to help segment beginner cooks from advanced chefs.

Sample personality test from Riddle's quiz maker

Each user who takes the quiz gets a different follow-up offer – pro cooks might get 50% off your ‘Advanced Soufflés’ course, while beginners get a free ‘3 day Cooking Fundamentals’ coupon.

Sounds tricky? It’s not – it takes just a few minutes with our online quiz creator and AWeber.

Setting up AWeber with Riddle’s quiz maker

We’ll walk you through a basic example. You’ll learn how to connect AWeber with Riddle’s online quiz creator to turbocharge your quiz email marketing.

(Not an AWeber user yet? Sign up for their free trial first.)

Connect AWeber to Riddle's online quiz creator - collect leads and quiz responses
Easily send leads & quiz responses from Riddle to Aweber

Note: This post is written around Riddle 2.0 – our latest quiz maker.

Are you creating a quiz and collecting leads with Riddle 1.0 (our original quiz maker)? Check out our post around sending leads to your favorite CRM.

Step 1: Create a quiz or other content

Right, so Riddle’s AWeber integration works with any of our content.

You’ll need to start by creating a Riddle quiz, personality test, or any of our four types of interactive content with 13 question blocks.

Create a quiz, poll, or personality test with Riddle's quiz maker
Create flexible, powerful quiz, poll, & personality tests

Step 2: Add a quiz lead generation form

Next up – use our easy drag and drop lead generation form builder to create your in-quiz lead form. You can add checkboxes, drop-downs, and other options.

And don’t worry, Riddle is a fully GDPR-compliant online quiz maker. We also comply with other global privacy regulations like Canada’s PIPEDA and California’s CCPA).

Step 3: Create custom fields in AWeber

Before you connect Riddle’s online quiz creator with your AWeber account, you need to create custom fields in Aweber to ‘catch’ the data from your quiz.

Don’t worry – it’s super easy.

Create custom fields in AWeber to collect quiz responses from Riddle's online quiz creator
Creating a custom field in AWeber

AWeber includes standard fields like first name, last name, and email.

You’ll want to create custom fields for data such as:

  • Overall quiz result (e.g. “You’re a collaborative manager”)
  • Quiz score (e.g. 6 pts)
  • Answers to each question

Step 4: Connect your AWeber account to Riddle’s online quiz maker

In the ‘Publish’ step, click on ‘Save Leads’ – then ‘Add’ for AWeber.

Setting up AWeber's native integration with Riddle's online quiz maker

You will see a pop-up where you will need to authenticate your AWeber account.

Step 5: Map fields in Riddle to Aweber

Okay, now the fun part.

In that pop-up, you can now map each field of your quiz (e.g. question 1 answer) and your lead form (name, email, etc.) to the corresponding AWeber field.

Create custom fields like quiz results in AWeber to collect quiz responses from Riddle's online quiz creator
Mapping Riddle lead form fields to your AWeber account

You’ll see we’ve mapped the email and name fields from your lead form.

Mapping ‘dynamic’ fields – such as overall quiz results

As you map the different variables to your AWeber lead fields, you’ll also see a wand icon next to some fields.

Map quiz results from Riddle to AWeber
‘Dynamic’ fields – that change based on each user’s results

These differ from standard ‘fixed’ fields – each quiz taker’s data will depend on their quiz results.

For example, in a personality test, ‘Winning Personality Title’ would be the user’s top personality result – like ‘You’re Harry Potter!’.

Step 6: Pick a list and (optional) tag users

Connecting your lead form is just the first step.

AWeber makes it easy to send your quiz leads to the right list in your account.

And you can also tag users based on their quiz results.

Tagging leads in AWeber using Riddle's native integration with AWeber

You can also choose to add tags to all your leads – perhaps you might want to track where they come from. Adding a tag ‘Riddle quiz leads’ will help you keep track inside AWeber.

Step 7: Test your AWeber <> Riddle connection

We highly, highly recommend you test your quiz – to make sure you’re happy with how you’ve mapped the lead generation and quiz results in AWeber.

Tip - test your quiz lead generation connection with AWeber and Riddle's online quiz maker
Always test your AWeber / Riddle lead generation before sharing with your audience
  1. Publish and take your quiz and fill in your lead form – using a completely new email address (AWeber won’t add a previously used email).
  2. Click on the double opt-in link in your email.
  3. Check the lead appears and all custom fields and tags are working properly.

Setting up automated emails in AWeber

Now that your shiny new quiz is finished, you’ll want to set up personalized emails and marketing automations.

Creating automatic emails using AWeber - send personalized emails to each quiz lead based on their results.
Create automated messages for your quiz leads in AWeber

The next steps are done in AWeber.

  • Login to AWeber and click on ‘Messages’.
  • Select “Campaigns” from the drop down and create a new campaign.
  • You’ll want to create a campaign that kicks off when a tag is applied, so select that option.
  • Start the campaign when the tag “Pro” is applied and add “send a message” as a second step. (Now all you need to do is come up with a cool message to send to the pro chefs out there.)
  • Repeat this to set up a second campaign for the tag “Amateur” and you are all set.
  • Email marketing automation greatness awaits!

Any questions? Just ask – we love to help!

Give us a shout on our support chat or by email (

We’re happy to help if you need a hand setting up your Riddle to AWeber connection or just want help deciding what type of quiz you should create for your marketing goals.

And with an average response time of under two minutes – we’re super fast to reply.

Looking forward to helping you out!