How to use the custom offset

Many websites these days have a ‘sticky’ or always visible top menu bar – that is present no matter how far down the page you scroll.

This can cause issues with embedding a quiz – because your site’s header bar will overlap the quiz, and your audience will have to scroll down after each questions.

But fear not – there’s an easy fix. We added a ‘custom offset’ feature for just this situation. Simply enter the height of your site’s menu bar in pixels – and your quiz will be pushed down that amount, so it will always appear below it.

No muss, no fuss.

  • Measure height of your menu bar in pixels (Chrome has some free extensions like this one.)
  • Enter that number in the custom offset field in Riddle
  • Copy code and reembed (Riddles normally update automatically – but this feature will change your original embed settings, so you need to paste it again.)