How can I customize my quiz colors?

All our plans (BASIC / PRO / ENTERPRISE) give you tremendous freedom in customizing the look and feel of your quiz. 

Select one of our suggested colors – or pick the exact hex color for your needs.

When creating or editing your quiz, go to the ‘Style’ tab in the ‘Customize’ step:

  • Customize the ‘key color’ – for buttons, social share icons, etc.
  • Font colors
  • Background colors 
  • Background patterns  add visual texture through different line schemes


We have also added some options for buttons and link colors – to help your audience with visual or other accessibility issues.

  1. Selected button colors: You can change the color of buttons when clicked.
  2. Color border for buttons/links: Make your text hyperlinks and buttons stand out with a custom color border.

Want more control? Check out CSS Editor – change any visual element of your Riddle, from colors, to borders, custom fonts, and layouts.