How accessible are Riddle’s quizzes (for disabilities)?

The short answer? Very! We have worked with the BBC (world leaders in implementing accessibility for their audience) to add the following improvements for both your hearing/vision/motor-skill impaired audience AND quiz creators.

The first online, fully accessible quiz maker

On the creator side we now support leading accessible technologies such as:

  • JAWS (Job Access With Speech) support – the world’s leading screenreader
  • Dragon Text to Speech software – makes text entry for people easier who find typing or other data entry methods difficult.
  • Keyboard navigation – the use of a computer mouse or track pad can be problematic for some users, so Riddle’s quiz creator is designed to be fully navigable by keyboard commands.
  • ZoomText – easily magnify text for people with impaired vision.

For your quiz audience – we’ve gone even further:

  • Alt-tags – add descriptive text for screen readers to say aloud (visually impaired)
  • Tab accessibility – your audience can tab through your embedded quiz (motor-skill impaired)
  • Button highlights – change the color of a button when selected (visual/motor skills)
  • URL link/button borders – adds a color border to text hyperlinks and buttons for better visual definition (visually impaired)

Are we missing any accessibility feature?

Please let us know – via support chat or at

We’d love to learn how we can make your quiz making experience or your quizzes more accessible… and your help would be super helpful!