• Use statistics to optimize your quiz

    Your Riddle quizzes are living, breathing bits of interactive awesomeness. Creating it is just the start – you can use the stats on our ‘Analyze’ step to improve your quiz, and make sure it’s effective with your audience. Our stat page shows the funnel of your user’s entire journey: Views: People who came across the […]

  • Can I download a PDF of my quiz stats?

    Sure – we built in this nifty feature in our Enterprise plan. Forget having to copy/paste stats into PowerPoint. This is designed so agencies and other companies can create reports with just a click about their quizzes’ performance – then share with clients and other stakeholders. When editing any Riddle: Click on ‘Analyze’  Scroll to […]

  • How do I reset my quiz stats?

    This was a great feature idea from our community. When you create a quiz – it’s common to ‘test drive it’, sending it around internally or to friends to test it out. In the process, you can rack up a lot of random quiz takes – and these can skew your statistics. We put in […]