• Google Tag Manager quiz events with Riddle

    We know that having a great quiz is only part of the solution – our partners asked us to track all the different actions in a Riddle quiz – from starting the quiz, clicking on buttons, or sending data to Google Analytics. We developed Riddle to fully support Google Tag Manager quiz events – so […]

  • Google Tag Manager quiz tracking

    How to use Google Tag Manager quiz tracking Are you using Google Tag Manager (GTM) to run all your marketing pixels, tags and scripts? We got you covered when making quizzes with Riddle as well. And best of all? Even though Riddle quizzes run in an iFrame, you can still do all your quiz tracking […]

  • Listen on page result event

    Two simple event listener examples.


    Example 1 triggers a JavaScript function once Riddle iframe result page or lead form is loaded. Example 2 triggers a JavaScript function and shows a hidden text once Riddle iframe result page or lead form is loaded.   We are working on a full list of events but until that […]

  • Ad refresh outside Riddle

    This example shows you how to refresh ad units on your page when the Riddle advances to the next question. Make sure to alter the script by inserting the ID of the DIVs containing your ads. 


    See example in action: and check out a live example with a real Google ad on our sample Blog […]

  • Google analytics

    Riddles are running in iFrames on your website. This makes tracking events inside that Riddle iFrame a bit tricky. Especially for Google Analytics, which cannot be set up to track events on a domain like, which does not belong to you.  If you want to track page views or events from your embedded Riddle, […]