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  • How can I change my personal info (email, name, etc.)?

    Want to change any of your personal information associated with your account? Maybe you got married, or took over the account from a colleague? Or, mayyyyybe you changed your legal name to something awesome like “Julius Andreas Gimli Arn MacGyver Chewbacka Highlander Elessar-Jankov” (which really happened). Whatever the reason, you can easily change all the […]

  • What happens after my 14 day trial?

    Our 14 day trial period gives you full access to all our quiz tools. After the trial, any quizzes that you have created and embed on your site will always stay live. You’ll just lose the ability to edit your Riddle, view stats, or download any leads. But your content itself will always be available […]

  • How do I upgrade my account?

    Upgrading your Riddle subscription is easy. Log in, then click on the ‘…’ menu in the top right corner Select ‘upgrade now’ and choose your new plan. Payment: we accept all major credit cards and PayPal Annual or monthly – what’s the difference? Our monthly plans are very flexible – you can cancel at any […]

  • How can I change my plan?

    Changing your Riddle subscription is simple: Log in, then click on the ‘…’ menu in the top right corner Select ‘Account’ – then the ‘More’ link under ‘Subscription’ Then just choose your plan Can I upgrade and downgrade my account? Yes – we like being nice and flexible for our community, and you can change […]

  • How can I edit/change my payment details?

    You can edit your billing information, payment details, and all your subscription details in one easy place: Click on the ‘…’ menu in the to righthand corner of the screen. Select ‘Payment details’ For ‘Billing information’, ‘Subscription’, or ‘Payment information’ – just click ‘edit’ or ‘update’  Make your changes Click the big ‘Update’ or ‘Save’ […]