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Riddle quiz from Internet Marketing Training Center

Internet Marketing Training Center created this Riddle quiz to test how much their audience knows about “college rip-offs”

IMTC is the only licensed, dedicated internet marketing school in the US.
Internet Marketing Training Center created this Riddle quiz (“7 College Ripoffs”) with a few key goals in mind:

  • Educate potential students and their families about the value of a quality education in the field of internet marketing
  • Expand the center’s audience by leveraging the viral nature of quizzes (as reported by AdWeek)
  • Engage visitors and keep them on the website longer by providing a quiz that is both informative and enjoyable

The Internet Marketing Training Center knows that quizzes are highly effective at drawing in an audience and keeping them engaged. According to AdWeek, quizzes are the most viral shared content. Additionally, visitors who take a quiz on the center’s website tend to stay for 37% longer. This is why the “7 College Ripoffs” quiz serves as both a valuable resource for potential students and a smart marketing strategy for the center.

By creating this quiz, IMTC aims to not only provide valuable information to potential students and their families, but also to capitalize on the power of quizzes to attract and retain an audience. As the most viral shared content according to AdWeek, quizzes are an effective way to engage visitors and keep them on the website longer. By using this quiz as a marketing tool, IMTC hopes to attract and retain more interested students.

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