What is Riddle?

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Hi and thanks for checking out the Riddle blog. I’m Boris – founder and CEO of Riddle. Instead of answering the question from the blog title “What is Riddle?”, I’d like to answer a more interesting question:

Why did we build Riddle?

I believe the “Why” is much more important than the “What”. The answer to “what” is usually a long and boring list of features, telling you that we are the best here and the greatest there. That is not what you came here for.

My co-founders and I created Riddle because we felt the need to give every creator the same creative tools that big companies have to create fun, interactive and viral content.

We want to empower creators to create viral content easily and without complicated tech. We also want to give website owners tools to entice readers to share content and tools to make money from their content – yes we are not all about fun, we believe writers and website owners should make money from their content as writing and creating is really hard work.whattypeofdogareyouWe all worked at Tickle.com before and Tickle back in the days was one of the 30th largest websites in the U.S., offering nothing but personality tests and quizzes. We offered nothing but personality tests and quizzes despite the fact that the technology behind these tests was fairly complicated. Creation, well, that was even more of a headache.

When Tickle started, we thought that highly scientific tests would work best only to find out that the test to rule them all was “What kind of dog are you?”. Seeing all kinds of copies of that original test pop up on the internet eventually got us to launch Riddle so everyone could harness the power of cute dogs and kittens.Thus we set out to create Riddle because we knew that content like personality tests and quizzes just work. They’re fun, engaging and enrich any website. Russ wrote about the psychology of why readers love to share them here.

The first step in our plan was to build the tools that allow everyone to create this kind of content and embed it easily pretty much everywhere. To achieve our goal of allowing site owners and content creators to make money, we kept the most essential parts of Riddle free. You can add a free lead generation form, you can run your own ads for free and you will always retain complete ownership of your content. We will never inject our ads into your content – that would be sneaky and would violate our core beliefs of supporting creators to the fullest.

“But you need to pay your team” you might say. Yes we do. We tried hiring Minions but we ran out of bananas too fast so we added some features to Riddle that you can unlock for money. Not everyone will need these features and we figured that those who do, probably found a cool way to make money from their content and would be happy to pay a bit to help us all make Riddle even better.

To meet our second goal, which is to empower creators to not just technically be able to build personality tests, but also empower them to create really good content easily, we are rolling out a lot of new things over the next 3 months. I’m not going to give away too much here, but I can say that we will start with offering free webinars and video training sessions soon.

Subscribe to our blog newsletter, sign up to Riddle.com or follow us on Social Media to get notified when these will start to go live. But that is by far not our end goal. We found a way to get really awesome content into your hands without you having to go through hours of training sessions. More on that idea soon.

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