I get endless suggestions from the Riddle team on new tools and apps to use. To be honest I’m not keen to try them all. They often take time (not to mention a big chunk of my brainpower bandwidth) to understand. Then I realise that they weren’t necessarily better than the tool I was using.

It was different with Canva. Perhaps it’s because Photoshop is SO complex when you just need to add a headline or add a touch of sparkle, but Canva is something I just ‘got’.

I’ve self-published a novel a few years ago. This process is almost enough to finish anyone off. Creating the cover was by far the hardest part. I recently complemented a self-published author on her appealing cover only to be told: “Oh that was nothing. You should try Canva. It’s easy!”

If only I had!

So imagine my delight when I read this tweet:

2015-12-04 15_12_28-Glenda MacDonald on Twitter_ _Check out new tool for creating polls & surveys et

This is just what Riddle is designed to be. A ‘pick it up and run with it’ tool that people could get started with straight away.

Of all our tools, viral lists are the easiest ways to start.

7 Reasons Lazy People Should Create Viral Lists

Why should creating interactive content be more complicated than it needs to be?

Lists are consistently read and shared more than articles

You can create a fabulous list in minutes on Riddle

(Using anything you like: desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones)

That is shareable across all social media

Job done. You can relax now

While people enjoy your message and then…

…share it with their friends (doing your work for you).

You can even pop our riddles into any blog, site, etc to bring in traffic

(Just don’t drop your phone in the bath!)
Create your first riddle in minutes today at riddle.com Tweet us at @riddleApp if you’re riddling from somewhere unusual!

We do have some extra tools that are a bit more complicated like our lead generation tools. These are aimed at hard core marketers. They can receive lots of leads and email addresses from interested customers in specific downloads, that plug into their own systems. If the casual user gets confused with these they can always ask any questions in our help chat or on our email address help@riddle.com. We answer these questions faster than most companies and usually with a smile.

Now whenever I’m standing in an elevator and someone asks me what I do I pitch them with “It’s sort of like Canva for creative content”. The answer always seems to be positive.*

*To this date I have never been asked to pitch in an elevator. Although I was once stuck in one with lots of shopping trolleys (they were not the best of company). However, I do regularly get asked, “So what exactly do you do?”. I’ll have a ‘normal’ job one day!

Give Riddle a whirl today and see how much how much traffic you can create with a few minutes work.

If you haven’t tried Canva yet you really should!