Our goal at Riddle was always to provide fantastic free tools so EVERYONE can create viral content. But of course we need to get revenue from somewhere. Up until last week we did this by charging for the extra tools that simplified the handling of large amounts of data.

This is fine for big companies, but when a blogger gets a viral hit they want to be able to maximise the flood of traffic as quickly as possible.

So now you still get our easy to use tools to create viral content, plus free lead generation (email address collection) tools plus all this for free:

  • Advanced lead generation tools – you keep ALL the revenue you generate
  • CSV download – get all responses from lead generation or surveys in one file that you can easily analyse or upload into your own software.
  • Mailchimp integration – get all data sent directly to your Mailchimp account.
  • Add your own 300×250 ad unit. Again, you keep ALL the revenue from your adverts. We don’t take a cut.

But there’s no such thing as a free lunch…

So how can we do this all this for free?

shutterstock_118896622 cropped

We are still charging to remove our logo because the link back to our site on the viral content you create is how new people find out about us. We don’t pay to promote Riddle.

However, this fee has been reduced to $49 a month and you can either remove the logo area completely or pop in your own logo.

So, what viral content will you create today?