Connect Riddle to anything

We often get the question – “Riddle’s great, but can I send the data to any CRM system like SalesForce or Marketo?”

To solve this need, we’ve created the ultimate data connector – that will allow you to connect Riddle to pretty much any other system to process the data captured with your Riddle. Google Docs, CRM systems – the sky’s the limit really.

Intrigued? Let me show you the possibilities using a service called Zapier (check them out at

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Click the geek button and learn how to connect Riddle to pretty much anything by writing your own webhook.
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In the example below, I will build a Riddle with a simple lead capture form and push the captured data to a MailChimp list. (Now granted, you can do the same using the MailChimp connector inside Riddle, but since so many of our users have MailChimp, this is the easiest demo on how to use Zapier.)

Zapier offers endless possibilities like pushing Riddle data to, to a Google Sheet or pretty much any other CRM or lead capture system you can think of.

Even better, the way we implemented this feature allows you to write your own code to capture Riddle data on your servers. So, if you are familiar with coding and do not want to run Zapier, you can build your own webhook and build your own Riddle dashboard if you like. Need help? Just ask us!

Just follow the steps below:

  • Create a free account at
  • Then click on ‘Make a Zap’ to get started.
  • Scroll down until you see the ‘Webhook’ option.
  • Select ‘Webhook’ and continue.
  • Select the option to ‘catch a webhook’
  • Then skip over the next screen where you can specify more details as to what kind of data to catch.
  • Zapier will create the webhook URL for you.
  • Copy this URL to your clipboard
  • Then, head over to to create a Riddle to use with this webhook.
  • Create any Riddle (quiz, list, poll, etc.) and add a lead gen form to it.
  • IMPT: You can only use our internal lead form here. MailChimp or our In-Quiz iFrame won’t work for this step. You have to use our internal lead form as that is how we ‘catch’ the data. If you use these other options, your data will never ever make it to Zapier.
  • Be sure to add at least 2 fields (Name and Email) as we are going to add these leads to our MailChimp account.
  • Go to the “integrations” tab in your Riddle editor and paste the webhook URL from Zapier here.
  • Now hit ‘publish’ and make sure to open the Riddle in a news window.
  • (Super important) Play through the entire Riddle at least once, filling in the lead gen form with sample data.
    • Zapier will not work properly if you do not go through this step.
  • When you are done playing through your Riddle, go back to Zapier and click on “OK, I did this”
  • (Pretty cool – they are making double sure that you actually sent some test data to their lovely webhook before you go on).
  • If you followed all these steps, Zapier will test the webhook and show you this success screen.

Next up is to choose where the data from the Riddle should go. Zapier gives you a wide selection of tools that you can send the data to. For this example we are going to use MailChimp as it is the easiest tool to configure and quickly test if everything works.

  • Select MailChimp and click continue
  • The action you want to use with MailChimp is to add new subscribers from your Riddle lead gen form.
  • Please select the option Add/Update Subscriber and click continue.

(We’re almost there – hurrah!) Now we just need to tell Zapier how to map the entries from the Riddle to a corresponding MailChimp form.

  • First you need to select one of your MailChimp lists (I would suggest to create a test list in MailChimp for this exercise).
  • Next you need to match the fields from the Riddle to corresponding MailChimp fields.
    • Email -> Lead Email
    • First Name -> Lead Name
    • When you are done with the matches click continue.

Yay – you’ve done it!

  • Give your new ZAP a name and activate it.
  • Now, when you go through your Riddle again and submit a lead, Zapier will enter that lead into your MailChimp List.
  • Please be patient when you are testing this, we’ve found that Zapier sometimes takes up to 20 minutes to process these requests.

Definitely time for a coffee/beer/other beverage of your choice – you’ve earned it!