Using Riddle quizzes, poll, and lists in the classroom

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Riddle is very young – yet in the short time since we’ve launched, we’ve been super excited at how many teachers have embraced Riddle’s free quiz, poll, and list tools.

Educators are one of our biggest groups of users – they like using Riddle to engage, assess, and involve their students in a fun and tech-savvy way.

Since we’re often asked about how can teachers get the most out of using Riddle in their classroom, we gave ourselves our own homework assignment and have put together this quick guide.×250.jpg

Sure every teacher is different but we’ve seen some similar motivations from the community:

“I am looking for a quick, yet effective method for exit tickets to assess students learning of concepts.”“I need a tool that makes formative assessment in the classroom look beautiful and feel engaging for students.”We’ve seen teachers incorporating our flexible tools across a range of subjects and learning strategies:

  • Quizzes: ideal for checking comprehension, some teachers have also had their students create their own to challenge their fellow classmates. What better way to show you know something than to teach somebody else?
  • Polls: taking just 60 seconds to create, many teachers liven up current event discussions by having their students to make their own, then asking classmates’ thoughts. 
  • Lists: these are excellent for summarising a topic in an easy to digest format, from ‘10 things to remember about polynomials’ to ‘8 major causes of World War 2’. We’ve seen students create their own lists as an innovative homework assignment.

Here are some of our favorite and most creative Riddles by educators (so far!):

How to share your Riddle?

Once you (or your students) have made a Riddle, the next step is to share it with the class. We’ve made it this easy – with three different options:

  • Share the link directly via email – each Riddle will have this format:
  • Send the link via Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, or Messenger
  • Embed directly into your blog, site, or educational content system – just paste our embed code into your editor.

Here’s a quick demonstration:


Share your own experiences using Riddle in the classroom

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