“What sort of viral quiz should I make for my site?”

Our team at Riddle gets asked this a lot.

Riddle has so many ways to create interactive content, from quizzes and lists to polls and surveys – and each has their own strengths.

Some are faster to create and suited for quick boosts in engaging your audience. Others take a bit more time, but are more likely to go viral and convert users to potential customers via lead generation.

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Don’t stick to just one type of Riddle. Try a mix as part of your content and marketing strategy.

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Viral quiz creation: time vs. virality

Word of mouth traffic is incredibly powerful. People trust their friends and family – and are far more likely to view content they share.

Social sharing is integrated into every type of Riddle, including Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, and Whatsapp.

But some are more likely to be shared than others:

viral quiz builder - time vs. virality comparison

Viral quiz creation: personality tests and quizzes rock

Why do quizzes and personality tests top the virality charts?

People love discovering something new about themselves – then sharing that with their friends. It could be something silly (“Which cat breed are you?”) or serious (“Can you spot the fake news stories?”).

The user gets a result specific to them:

  • “You’re a Siamese! Proud, classy, and determined – you stand out from the crowd.”
  • “You’re super smart – you got 10/10 in the ‘Can You Spot the Fake News Story?’ quiz!”

It’s human nature – flattering results like these are what most people love to share.

However, writing a good viral quiz or personality test takes more time – so we recommend trying out other Riddle content types.

Quiz (Chicago Bulls example):

Virality: ★★★★

Time to create: ⦿⦿⦿⦿⦿

Your Content Goes Here, Your Content Goes Here

Personality test (Random House example):

Virality: ★★★★★

Time to create: ⦿⦿⦿⦿⦿

Your Content Goes Here, Your Content Goes Here

Viral quiz creation: how about making a list?

Lists are a powerful way to sum up information – especially for mobile devices. Check out your favorite news site or your Facebook feed, and you’ll see headlines like:

  • “Top 10 iPhone secrets”
  • “7 ways to write the perfect resume”
  • “13 car-buying secrets”

Ranked lists add an extra level of interactivity to this format – and let your audience upvote their favorite items. More than a passive piece of content, watch your list evolve to reflect your users’ opinions.

Both types of list can be rapidly created – you can convert existing long-form content into a list format in just minutes.

Lists (Accuweather example):

Virality: ★★

Time to create: ⦿⦿

Ranked lists (Arsenal FC example):

Virality: ★★★

Time to create: ⦿⦿

How about creating a poll or survey?

Polls and surveys round out our list of Riddle content types. Designed for quick engagement, you can create and embed these on your site in less than a minute.

Users love to be asked their feedback, and end up spending 31% more time on your site.

Awesome at engaging your audience, these types of content tend to be get less shares than a viral quiz because they don’t return a user-specific result that people love to share.

Opinion polls (example):

Virality: ★

Time to create: ⦿

Reaction polls (example):

Virality: ★

Time to create: ⦿

Surveys (example):

Virality: ★

Time to create: ⦿⦿

Can we help?

If you have any questions about creating the perfect viral quiz, list or poll, just drop us a line at hello@riddle.com.

We love to provide tips and best practices on creating the right Riddles for your content and marketing strategy.

(And you won’t have long to wait… We’re big customer service geeks at Riddle – our entire team from the CEO to developers race each other to answer our community’s emails first.) 🙂

Happy Riddling!