Online polls are fun to take, good to share and provide excellent feedback from your visitors. Let’s face it, we all like to have an opinion on the things we care about!

A online poll can be fun like ‘Which film star would you like to marry?’ or you can link it to your core topic. The latter will provide helpful feedback or can become the subject of a fascinating new article.

Which online poll fits your goal?

We love the creativity of our users on Riddle and we’ve seen that a poll is not just a poll. Here are the main types of poll that have caught our eye so far.

1) A single online poll on a specific topic

A poll can be a stand alone piece of content that tackles big questions:

Who’s the best (soccer) manager in the world?  (From FourFourTwo magazine)

Or it could have some fun with a particular topic that then generates interest in a follow up piece of content (in this case a quiz!) by this local news site’s quirky look at National Pickle Day.

These are perfect for sharing on Facebook and other social media.

2) An online poll that is linked to an article

This article by the Phoenix Suns basketball team that introduced the phenomenon of the #DriveByDunkChallenge and then asked readers to chose the best example.

3) An online poll that announces a new product

People like to buy things that are tried and tested. You can use a poll to promote your product by showing that lots of other people are already using it. This golfing poll is a great example.

4) A “Please take this questionnaire” online poll

Anyone reading the above request is expecting to have to invest a lot of effort. You can make it easier for your readers/customers by using a series of liked polls. It’s more fun for the user so more people take part!

Create your own poll in seconds on Riddle and watch it generate leads and increase your traffic.