Polls are fun to take, good to share and provide excellent feedback from your visitors. Let’s face it, we all like to have an opinion on the things we care about!

A poll can be fun like ‘Which film star would you like to marry?’ or you can link it to your core topic. The latter will provide helpful feedback or can become the subject of a fascinating new article.

Which poll fits your goal?

We love the creativity of our users on Riddle and we’ve seen that a poll is not just a poll. Here are the main types of poll that have caught our eye so far.

1) A single poll on a specific topic

A poll can be a stand alone piece of content that tackles big questions:

Who’s the best (soccer) manager in the world?  (From FourFourTwo magazine)

Or choosing your favorite song:
Björk  (From Björk’s Facebook page)
Cyndi Lauper (From Cyndi Lauper’s Facebook page)

These are perfect for sharing on Facebook and other social media.

2) A poll that is linked to an article

Lee Fowler returns: Midfielder agrees to rejoin Reds (From The Leader)

3) A series of polls that make a user-friendly survey

“Please take this questionnaire”

Anyone reading the above request is expecting to have to invest a lot of effort. We love the clever approach taken by 3 Million dogs who posted a series of polls examining how people felt about bringing their dogs to work.

The result? Loads of shares and fascinating results that will make a compelling press release.

4) A poll that promotes an article (this is our own bright idea!)

Q. When is a poll not a poll?
A. When it’s a commenticle!

Our commenticles are a really quick way of promoting an article AND getting audience interaction. You can create one in 45 seconds, (even on your phone).  You just put the URL of the article into the riddle and choose a question. Next you add some answer options and you’re done.

You can get feedback from your readers on someone else’s article. Or promote your own content in a new way and avoid fatigue on your social media feeds.

Here’s one we prepared earlier:

Create your own poll in seconds on Riddle and watch it increase your traffic. Post it on Twitter with the hashtag #riddle and we’ll retweet it for you!