An elevator pitch is an essential networking and sales tool. It tells someone exactly what you do and how you can help them (or someone they know). Here’s an elevator pitch for  Riddle:

Riddle helps you grow your audience by helping you create and publish awesome content and then measure the results across ALL your social profiles.

The name ‘elevator pitch’ stems from the situation where you just happen to share an elevator with a business guru such as Bill Gates. You have 30 seconds to get their attention with your amazing business pitch.

In reality you’re more likely to get flustered and say something like: “What floor do you want?” Or maybe even “What on earth went wrong with Windows 8?”

You’re much more likely to share 30 seconds with a celebrity on Twitter. You can even choose your target. You can retweet their tweets or make interesting comments that add value (or entertainment) to the original tweet. If they respond you can try to foster that relationship and gain benefits in terms of extra exposure for your tweets or advice.

Unfortunately, if you try this with a Twitter superstar your response is likely to be buried under a pile of responses in seconds.

If you ignore the big superstars and focus on finding interesting and useful people, you’re heading back to more traditional networking.

Who needs to get up ridiculously early to attend a business breakfast when there are people out there waiting to listen, help and learn with you?

Follow, interact and learn. You don’t need to use your elevator pitch – although you might want to tweet it occasionally and squeeze it into your Twitter profile. People buy from people and your Twitter feed shows the world just how interesting you are.

The good news is that Twitter acts as your networking host – all for free.

Just search for people talking about your core topics and follow them. Then check out the ‘Who to Follow’ list on your Twitter account each day and you’ll find a fresh list of relevant contacts. (Assuming you haven’t been distracted by Hollywood actors or some of the girls of Instagram!)

You can use Riddles – lists, personality tests, quizzes and polls – to engage people and get your content viral. Then you can track where the traffic is coming from using our awesome social media dashboard.

Have a play with it today!