The general advice for running social media accounts is that you should be yourself and let your personality show through. No-one wants to see an endless stream of ‘buy our product’ posts. However, this can be a problem.

My wife and I work full-time around the kids. I look after them when they come back from school and then finish my working day in the evening.On the weekends we’re usually playing with the kids and renovating our old house.

This doesn’t give me a lot to ‘talk about’ on social media. Unless you want to see photos of me smashing my way into blocked up fireplace with a sledgehammer (I enjoyed that!).

I tend to avoid posting photos of my family on social media – especially in work accounts as it feels very odd when strangers know more about your kids than your family.

However, this week the kids were asking exactly what I do for a living (very few people really understand this) so I got them to help me create a list about social media. You can see this below.

9 social media tips from an 8 and a 6 year old. They know more than you think!

I was thinking about ways of making Riddle’s social media feeds more interesting while I helped the kids do their homework. I then asked them to help me with MY homework. Here are their tips for making your social media feed more interesting.

Use adjectives and conjunctions

Don’t just say ‘the dog sat there’ say ‘the brown, skinny dog sat there and waited for something to happen’.

Use funny pictures!

“It will make people happy”

Tell a joke!

Q. What do you call a cat that has just eaten a duck?
A. A duck-filled fatty puss

Include exciting adventures!

(They’re into the Famous Five by Enid Blyton at the moment)

Give them a free cheesecake if they go to your web site!

Tell them that:

“If you do something for us, we’ll do something for you.”
(Showing an early grasp of the win-win deal)

Show a photo of a cute puppy

Or any baby animals!

Make sure people start at the top…

…and read down to the bottom.

Do a funny quiz for different words for ‘bottom’

That’s ‘butt’ in American English. They know just as many American names for it as they know British names.
So, what did they miss? (Not the butt jokes – the social media tips)

It is a surprisingly good list, apart from the cheesecake and butt jokes, and it’s directly led to quite a few people signing up to Riddle. It’s also helped my kids understand more about what I do.

However, it still feels a bit strange to see people the other side of the world discussing how cute my kids are and talking as if they know them. It was fun to do once but I don’t see myself doing it again.

What do you think? Should we open up more of our lives to show our true personality or restrict content to a more ‘businesslike level’?


Should you include information about your kids on work social media accounts?

Yes – what’s the harm in it?

Only occasionally for a specific topic

No – it’s not appropriate