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Riddle quiz maker: new quiz features (release notes)

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Want to see all of the new quiz features and improvements for Riddle?

We update this overview constantly, and are always adding new features to our quiz maker and lead generation platform.

Have an idea how we can make Riddle’s quiz maker better? Drop us a line at hello@riddle.com or leave a comment to this post. We read and reply to everyone!

October 15, 2018

Custom logo options: We sure got this request a lot… “Hey, we love Riddle’s ‘white label’ quiz options but we want more control over the size, placement, and color of the custom branding at the bottom.” Cue the drum roll – you can do all this and more:

Blue State Digital integration: We added a direct integration with BSD’s phenomenally powerful email marketing platform. You can automatically send all quiz leads and their quiz responses to your Blue State Digital account – for automatic integration and email follow up.

Control your button’s font color: We’re a little sheepish about this one – we gave our creators loads of ways to manage the color and appearance of their quiz fonts. But we forgot one – now you can do the same for all your buttons. Want red text on a light blue background? Easy-peasy.

Country and ZIP/post code lead fields: Riddle’s a powerful lead generation tool – letting anyone build lead generation forms using 14 types of fields. To help standardize how leads give their data – we added a pre-filled country field as well as a RegEx field to validate ZIP and post codes.

September 13, 2018

‘Order It’ quiz enhancements – Thanks to some excellent feedback from the Riddle community, we introduced some subtle, yet important enhancement to our Order It quiz type. Haven’t tried one yet? Check out how pro soccer/football powerhouse Chelsea FC put their fans’ knowledge to the test with their ‘Newcastle v Chelsea trivia quiz’!

Manage your leads – we introduced a nifty tool so you can manage your leads and easily respond to customer requests to delete their data (required by the EU’s GDPR regulation).

August 27, 2018

We don’t have any customer-facing changes this time around. It wasn’t very glamorous – but we did some overdue ‘housecleaning’ of our code base, to improve how fast we deliver quizzes to your websites. Our tech team rocks – we think you’ll notice the difference!

July 30, 2018

‘Order It’ quiz: We introduced yet another new quiz type… now, with 12 quiz varieties to choose from, our quiz makers have unmatched flexibility to engage their audience. Beyond a simple quiz, Order It is a series of questions that challenges each user to arrange answers in the correct order. It could be ‘Order Star Wars movies by release date’ to ‘How does a bill become a law?’ or ‘Place these 49er quarterbacks in order’- the possibilities are endless.

Unrolled quizzes: One of our customers had a brilliant idea – “Can we unroll our quizzes or personality tests, so all questions are displayed on the same page?” We loved it. Minimizing the need to click with every questions, this is ideal for mobile users – who can just scroll and answer questions. Now you can try this option under the ‘Basic’ tab of the ‘Customize’ step – choosing it for all users, or just for your users on smartphones.

And like every release, we added lots of improvements to our back-end systems – improving Riddle’s speed and overall performance. Not very glamorous – but oh-so-important.

June 5, 2018

We’re pumped about adding these two long-awaited features:

Quiz & question timers: Add excitement and difficulty to your quiz with either our new quiz or question timers (or both!). Works on quizzes, personality tests, and tap & find Riddle types.

‘Tap & Find’ quiz: New quiz type! Challenge your audience to search, tap, and find answers in images. Two fun modes: ‘image search’ and ‘spot the difference’.

April 26, 2018

Can we get a ‘Hallelujah’ from the (Riddle) congregation?

With our latest release, Riddle now supports Google Documents… boom!

Now you can instantly and easily send all leads and their quiz responses to your Google Sheets, ideal for things like quiz contests – where you can quickly filter and select winners (e.g. ‘Get 90% or more right – be entered to win!’).

And don’t worry – you can still simultaneously send all leads/responses to your email marketing tools like AWeber and MailChimp (or 1,000 others with our Zapier app).

April 5, 2018

(Our teams have been hard at work – they’ve been heads down cranking out a new touch-based quiz type called ‘Tap and Find’ as well as our new ‘timers’ feature. Both are coming very soon but here’s a sneak peek of our ‘alpha’ version of our Timers feature.)

But all this work didn’t stop our team from releasing another release full of features and general Riddle awesomeness. Much of the work went behind the scenes – but here are some new things you might spot:

  • JSON webhook: Not very glamorous, but pretty cool – now you can send all the results of your quiz to any data system or marketing tool as a JSON array for more flexible integration by your developers.
  • New payment flow: We gave our account/sign up process a fresh new look. Upgrade, downgrade, manage your invoices and more – in one easy step (visit Account > Subscription)

February 24, 2018

Spring cleaning came early to Riddle with this release. We added some cool features (see below) – but also put a lot of time into improving the speed, stability, and security of the back end systems that let you create all this quiz-powered awesomeness. Sure, you won’t see them as a user – but you should notice an improvement in the responsiveness of our quiz maker.
  • Examples page & ‘copy to account’: With 10 types of quizzes (and counting), we’re often asked – ‘What type of quiz should I create?’ Check out our ‘Examples’ page for our ‘best in class’ quizzes – that you can copy and use in your own account.
  • Random question order: A popular request – now you can choose to shuffle the question order every time someone takes your quiz or personality test. Boost replayability – by making every ‘play again’ a new experience.
  • Drag/drop reorder answers: Avoid frustration – you can simply move answers in different order, with out having to resort to the dreaded ‘copy/paste’.
  • White labelled showcase: Have a quiz that you want to share without embedding? Each /showcase quiz URL (like this example) is now fully brand-free – no Riddle logos or other content to distract from your brand experience.
  • More intuitive quiz scoring: Creating quizzes with Riddle has been easy – but until now, our scoring wasn’t very intuitive. Now instead of making each quiz result type based on % (which required math), you can do that based on the # of questions answered correctly (ex. 1/4, 2/4, etc.).

January 31, 2018

To quote the classic Etta James song… “At laaaaast…”
  • Google AMP embed support: Our community asked us about using Riddle quizzes in AMP articles. Now you can… you now can in just three easy steps: https://www.riddle.com/docs/creators/amp-support/
  • (Back story – this has been a huge priority for us. We wanted to release this six weeks ago, but it was only just approved by Google.)

January 25, 2018

A huge release – 3 months in the making… we’re super fired up to introduce Riddle’s Quiz Lead Generation 2.0!

  • Quiz Lead Generation 2.0 – now you can collect emails and quiz results with Riddle in a completely new way:
    • More field data options: Our original lead forms allowed only five fields – all free text only. You wanted more options!
    • Drag/drop form builder: Unleash your creativity – craft your forms with different layouts, saved templates and 13 types of data fields.
    • Easier connectivity: Connect to your email marketing system, or (in a few weeks) save leads and data to Google Documents, DropBox and more.
    • GDPR-compliant: The EU is introducing the GDPR – a major change to internet privacy – affecting companies worldwide. Riddle’s Quiz Lead Generation 2.0 is fully compliant (learn more).
    • Want the full story? Check out our blog post or our video walkthrough for the full story.

October 16, 2017

Another week, another release – our ace tech team is on fire!

  • Ranked poll (beta) – we combined our ranked list with a poll to make polls even more engaging for your audience. Ask any question – then let each person rank the options in order of their preference.
  • Persian (Farsi) language support – Riddle’s quiz maker is used worldwide, and now supports Persian as a ‘right to left’ language in addition to Hebrew, and Arabic.
  • Back-end system enhancements – Riddle’s growing fast, so we deployed some key improvements to keep everything running in tip top shape, no matter how many people are viewing your amazing quizzes.

Simple, Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire

October 10, 2017

We’re pumped… we just rolled out our new ‘Social Story’ quiz type, plus some other cool formatting and lead generation options:

  • Social stories (beta) – Think of it as ‘quiz meets blog’ – you’ll be able to create a rich long-form text story, full of social media, images, and even your other Riddles. Check out this example around picking the perfect autumn holiday – you can tell that I’m getting more than a little anxious for some sunshine!
  • Twitter in quizzes – Social media moves pretty fast these days. Tap into the Twitter zeitgeist, and embed any Tweet into your quizzes for ‘up to the moment’ commentary.

  • More text formatting – we beefed up our text options. Now you can add emoticons, make text stand out with H1, superscript and other text formatting options. Want more control with your titles? Choose center/left/right alignment.
  • MailChimp double opt-in – Send an automatic email to each lead with a link, so they can confirm they wish to be added to your list. Stay compliant with the latest privacy protection regulations in the US and EU.

September 25th

Whew! What a week – our tech team has been plenty busy. Today we introduced a new release including 21 new features, including these highlights:

  • Copy questions or results: a big labor-saver, now you can quickly copy results or questions (and their answers). A number of our community asked for this – many quizzes had very similar questions, and they were having to retype them.
  • New quiz styles and themes: another popular request – now we have two quiz layouts to choose from (‘Modern’ and ‘Classic’), along with 8 preset ‘styles’ and background patterns. Save time – quickly choose and apply the look that best suits your site’s look and feel.

  • Better targeting through Facebook pixels: for you marketing gurus, now use Facebook ads to promote your Riddle quiz then track how individual users answer questions or fill out your lead form. Ideal for retargeting – group users into custom audiences, then serve them offers or ads around their particular interests.
  • Limit # of votes per user on ranked lists: Ranked lists let people upvote their favorite items – crowdsourcing your list’s final ranking. This feature lets you limit how many ‘upvotes’ a user can give for a ranked list – so they have to choose their true favorites.
  • Polls – set automatic closing date: easy to create, polls are brilliant at getting your audience to vote and engage with your site. Now you can set a date and time when the poll closes – perfect for capturing your audience’s opinion around a certain timeframe.

August 22nd

  • Free text answers – Quizzes now take single choice, multiple choice or free text entry as answers. For free text entry you simply define a list of all the strings that are scored as correct.
  • Extended test results – Show the 2nd, 3rd or all personalities on the result page. Add a custom intro section and choose to display just the result titles or the full result copy. Choose to display the overall choices as in 60% Personality 1, 30% Personality 2, etc.
  • Custom font colors – So far we offered you only one color option in our Basic and Pro Plans (Enterprise customers have full access to the Riddle CSS and thus can change almost everything). We now added the option to pick a font color for your quiz.
  • Advanced quiz scoring – You can now use a nifty slider to define the result distribution. Only want the highest result to show if someone scored 90% and up – now you can do just that.

  • Custom landing pages by result – Now, it’s even easier to automatically send each user to a specific landing page, based on their results. Now, simply add the URL you want them to see under each personality result (ie. “Anyone who gets ‘Luke Skywalker’ as their Star Wars hero is directed to www.yoursite.com/lukeskywalker.”) – much more intuitive and easier to use.
  • Separate correct/wrong answer explanations – Enjoy more flexibility in your quizzes. Now you can type separate explanations for correct and incorrect answers. This allows you to congratulate a user for giving a correct answer – while providing some a more detailed explanations for anyone who got a question wrong.
  • Right to left text – Want to create quizzes in right to left languages like Arabic or Hebrew, we now have you covered. Pick that language – and the correct text orientation is applied automatically.
  • Interactive story/copy branch – a big labor-saver when creating interactive stories that use a lead question such as “select your gender”. If both branches will ask  very similar questions with minor differences, you can now create the branch and then copy the entire branch. Cuts the creation time almost in half.

June 12th, 2017:

  • Add your own ‘call to action’ buttons – you can now easily add a button to the results section of your Riddles, so your readers can instantly act on special offers, contests, or other promotions. Imagine you run a travel site – you could add a ‘Buy now – save 25% on your vacation!’ button at the end of your ‘What cruise should I take?’ quiz – linking to their recommended holiday package. Fully customizable, you can change the location, look and feel, even the CSS – so it matches your site’s look and feel.

Simple, Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire

  • All about accessibility – Riddle’s quiz builder is now user-friendly for members of your audience with visual, hearing, or motor skill difficulties. We’ve added:
    • Tab support – your readers will be able to use their keyboard and tab buttons to navigate through your quizzes.
    • ALT tags – you put descriptive text in ALT tags about each picture. Your audience can enable their browsers to read these tags to describe what they are seeing.
    • Button highlight color – a little geeky, but activating this feature lets you add a background color to the ‘active’ button or element the user has selected. Really useful for visually impaired users or keyboard navigation – they’ll know exactly what they have selected.

May 31st, 2017:

Another big release is under our belts – and we bet you’ll like these improvements:

  • Random answer order – our most popular request, you can shuffle the order of the quiz answers every time a user takes your quiz.
  • Show answers at the end of quiz – our 2nd asked for option, now you can give correct answers in the user’s results. Powerful for lead generation, by hiding all answers and any correct/wrong indicators, users have more incentive to give their email address in order to view their results.
  • Redesigned customization screen – we divided our ever-growing list of customization options into tabs to help navigation

new quiz features

  • Custom social sharing text – create different share messages for Facebook, Whatsapp, and other social channels.
  • Hide individual social channels – full control over which social channel share buttons appear on your quiz

new quiz features

  • New media picker – much easier interface for choosing your favorite images or videos
  • New quiz stats page – we gave our dashboard a makeover. This is just the start – we’ll be adding date selectors, time spent on quiz, and other stats in the coming releases.
  • Live preview – you can see how your quiz is looking on the ‘create’ step (just like in our ‘customize’ step
  • Add ‘save’ button – our auto-save is really good at backing up your work. But now we’ve added a ‘save’ button for extra peace of mind – you can manually trigger a save anytime.
  • Custom result pages – send quiz users to different landing pages on your site based on their results (PRO feature)

Thanks as always for all the great ideas – keep ’em coming by emailing us at hello@riddle.com.

May 4th, 2017:

This was a monster release – we just gave the quiz creator and dashboard tools on Riddle a major facelift. The old design has been around for a few years so we gave the creation tools a fresh clean look. More than the look and feel, we listened to our community and added a long list of improvements.

Here are the highlights:

  • Multiple Choice Answers: This is a big one 🙂 You can mark more than one answer as correct in quizzes. Have more than one correct answer set up? Users only get the whole question as “correct” if all correct answers are selected.
  • New ‘My Riddles’ list: we gave this page a lot of love. Now you can:
    • Add notes/comments to make it easier to collaborate as a team and keep track of duplicate versions.
    • As this is the most common page, we also made ‘My Riddles’ the default page you’ll see after log-in.
    • Want to move a Riddle between teams? It was a bit complicated to find – now we moved this feature to the ‘My Riddle’ list as well.
  • Interactive Story (Map Overview): creating a story and keeping track of all the different branches can be a little complicated. We added a cool visual map – showing links to every outcome. You can click, edit, and delete – all from within this map view.
  • Time-stamped leads: another popular request, all leads now have a timestamp in the download file. Such a tiny thing to add, but now you can segment leads by date when importing into your marketing software.
  • Hide percentage totals: You guys asked for it, so we added an option to hide the percent of people having answered a certain question… check it out under ‘more options’ in the Customization step.
  • Animated GIFs through Giphy: now you can search and use millions of funny, cute, and engaging examples. Yay for animated GIFs!

(Whew – this was a big release… can’t wait to hear what you think!)

New quiz features – April 8th, 2017:

  • Downloadable PDF reports: many of our Enterprise partners asked for a ‘one-click easy’ way to quickly report the stats of any quiz. Instead of copying/pasting data into Excel, then making charts in PowerPoint, you can now download the statistics for your individual Riddles as a pretty PDF with just a click. This should be a big time saver when reporting quiz stats to your internal stakeholders or advertisers for sponsored content.
  • Bug hunting: we also squashed a pesky bug with the beta version of our interactive story Riddle. When using Firefox on Windows, an ugly and unwanted scrollbar decided to appear. Our ace tech team was not amused – we told it to pack it up and leave for good.

quiz creator

New Riddle Type – March 8th, 2017

  • Interactive story quiz: We are super excited about our new interactive story quiz. Inspired by the ‘Choose your own adventure’ books, you can let readers choose their own path. Instead of the same set of questions, each user gets new questions based on their answers. Note: this new Riddle type is currently in Beta – we’ll be adding more features over the next few weeks to make it even better.
  • AWeber conversion pixel: Big thanks to our eagle-eyed community! You let us know that our shiny AWeber integration was missing an important option to add a Conversion Pixel. It’s just been added – now you can build quizzes with AWeber lead capture and use this pixel to help optimize your marketing spend, tracking where each lead comes.
  • Security improvements: Based on our recent security audit, we’ve added a captcha to the reset password form. Not as flashy as our other changes – it does mean Riddle will be even more secure.
  • Refer a friend to Riddle: Want to earn money by referring new customers to Riddle? Our new Referral Program is live in a closed invite only version. Want to be an early user? Let us know at hello@riddle.com

New quiz features – Jan 21st, 2017:

  • More lead generation opt-in fields: Keep your lawyers happy. Now you can include whatever combination of opt-in/opt-out fields they require for you to run a contest or lead generation on Riddle.
    • Add up to five opt-in fields to your lead generation forms (your customers can agree to contest rules, receive communications by email/phone/SMS, or more)
    • All text fields can be customized to your needs
    • Each field can be mandatory or optional.
    • All data can be connected to your data or CRM system (or downloaded by XLS, CSV) – we’re happy to help with that.

  • Building a foundation for (continued) awesomeness: It’s not glamorous, but our tech team has tackled a few niggling bugs, and more importantly, embarked on the process of re-doing our site architecture. This will pay off – we’ll have a faster back-end that will enable us to rapidly iterate and add more quiz builder and lead generation tools.
  • New admin tools: Continuing with our team’s priority of customer service, we’ve built out admin tools to allow everyone at Riddle, from CEO Boris on down, to seamlessly help out with the vast majority of customer question. The benefit for our community? We can answer, fix, and help out with almost any question you throw at us. 🙂

New quiz features – Jan 8th, 2017:

  • General performance updates: To steal a line from our 80’s favorite movie Ferris Bueller, “Life (at Riddle) moves pretty fast sometimes…” We took advantage of a relatively quiet December to tidy up our code base and fix some minor bugs that our community told us about. The good news is that Riddle now runs faster and even more smoothly – and now we’re geared up to get cracking on some awesome new features. Stay tuned…

New quiz features – Dec 6th, 2016:

  • Updated Enterprise team features: Sometimes your team members forget to finish their Riddle edits before logging out when they’re done editing a team Riddle. In this case, the Riddle they were working on remains locked and not available for editing to other team members. To solve this problem, we’ve added a button that lets you kick another editor out and take over editing yourself. We also set a timer that will automatically allow any other team member to edit a Riddle if it set idle for a minute and a half.
  • Make it clear if you are on your personal account vs. the team account: If you are invited to a Riddle team, you can enjoy all the benefits of Riddle enterprise (like full CSS  control, custom fonts and more). These enterprise features are only available as long as you work in your team account. The slightly confusing thing is that each Riddle creator also has a personal account where you can keep Riddles that you do not want to share with your team. To avoid confusion, we now show a warning when you switch to your personal account, plus we start you off in your team team account when you are creating new content. That’s the most common use case –  it’s more fun to work in a team after all. 🙂
  • New admin feature for teams: Want to move a Riddle in one of your teams to another? No problem – team admins can now move Riddles between any of their teams. We thought this would be useful in case you wanted to move a quiz from say, your ‘Marketing’ team’ to your ‘Editorial team’.

New quiz features – November 27th, 2016:

  • Reset Riddle statistics: One of our favorite new quiz features – this falls into the ‘Wow, we really should have thought of this ourselves’ category. Big thanks to our community who suggested that having a way to reset any Riddle’s statistics would be very helpful. Now you are able to click ‘reset’ and launch your poll again – instead of having to make and embed a new copy.

New quiz features – November 23rd, 2016:

  • AWeber integration: True, you can already connect your Riddles to any CRM tool through our webhook or integration with zapier.com. But we felt that AWeber deserves a more native hook into Riddle, especially as they have an outright awesome tagging system.
    • This is marketing segmentation on steroids and works great with Riddle.
    • Example: Auto-tag someone in your mailing list based on their quiz result or answer to any question, then have AWeber perform an automated action (like email them, assign them to lists, etc.)  based on the tag – pure magic.
    • If you have not tried AWeber yet, check them out.
  • Facebook tracking pixel: Another popular request, you can now add your Facebook conversion pixels to any Riddle. If you’re using FB to drive traffic to your site, this will be a big help in helping optimize your marketing costs. You’ll know which ads are working to convert to sign ups or paying customers, and direct your ad spend to what works best.

New quiz features – November 15th, 2016:

  • Alternative Image Formats: Sometimes you just need more space for your art. Now you can use horizontal, vertical and square images – making the entire Riddle look and feel much more flexible. This will be great for all book authors and entertainment fashion publishers, who really struggled with our 16:9 only image formats with book covers or portrait mode for red carpet shots.
  • Your own text for “play again button: When creating Riddle, we initially that life’s all about ‘play’. But our community pointed out that there are some topics where seeing ‘Play Again’ at the end of a personality tests and or quiz feels a bit weird. Our solution? You’ll have total control – change the text or hide it altogether.
  • Instagram integration: OK, we’re pretty excited – now you can grab images from Instagram posts, similar to how you can already embed your Facebook pictures or YouTube Videos. Top tip: Combine this with our ‘square format’ Riddle layout for maximum impact and general awesomeness.

New quiz features – October 20th, 2016:

  • Customize the ‘right/wrong’ quiz text: As part of our Pro and Enterprise Plans we are giving you yet more advanced choices for quizzes. Now you can now change the text that indicates correct or wrong answers for quizzes to suit your site’s voice. “Correct/wrong”, “Yes!/Not quite”, or even a ‘Doh!’ if you’re a Simpsons fan. You can also can hide the big red x or the green checkmark if you’d prefer.

New quiz features – October 12th, 2016:

  • Start pages optional: This was long awaited by our community – now, you can make the start page for quizzes and personality tests optional. On the customize screen – click on more options, then ‘hide the start page’ if you want to drop readers straight into a quiz or test. We made this part of our Basic Plan so everyone can use this. Thanks to everyone who asked for this – it’s a great option to get users clicking and engaged.
  • Custom Logos Clickable: A top feature request on our feature upvote list… If you are on the Pro or Enterprise plan you can now add a custom link to your logo. Great if you are using Riddle to run promotions for brands!
  • Language settings are now part of your team template: No more need to re-set the language every time you create a Riddle in your team (Enterprise Plan only).
  • Improved Custom Fonts: We’ve prettied up our custom fonts option – they work even better now, and as a bonus, we’ve removed the ugly black screen that showed up until you completed all font settings. Meh – who needs that, right?
  • Custom width embed codes: now you can change any Riddle’s width from 640 px to your perfect fit, from 200 pixels wide to 1,200.
  • Embedded articles: Change color of ‘Read Article’ link from white to blue for better readability
  • Ranked list flexibility: You can now hide the total vote count, display percentages or show the total number of votes. People hate to be the only ones voting on a just introduced list. Now you can change how votes are displayed – so everyone will want to dive in and start clicking.

New quiz features – October 3rd, 2016:

  • Added the personality result to our webhook
  • Enabled custom result pages
  • Improved iframe height for embedded custom resultpages
  • Added PayPal as a payment option

New quiz features – September 26th, 2016:

  • Added parent frame url to webhook result data. This allows you to track where leads came from in case you are using Riddles on many sites to generate leads.
  • Improve webhook results for poll
  • Advanced webhook results for quiz, poll and survey
  • Google Analytics – IP Anonymization

New quiz features – September 19th, 2016:

  • Bugfix for the lovely and unfortunately still existent Internet Explorer
  • Sorted out a nasty bug where the embed did not scroll to top when going to the next question in a small iFrame.
  • Added custom css and custom font to templating system, allowing our Enterprise customers to save all important Riddle settings in a style template
  • Allow the team admin to set a default template for the team (go to team settings and click on the cock wheel to select the default template)
  • Allow teams to rename the template slot. Somehow naming team slots just with numbers did not work out so great 🙂
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