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Why is Riddle quizmaker publishing guest posts?

We love how our audience likes what we do here at Riddle. We get a lot of great customer feedback about our product.
Also, we were chuffed to see we got a great rating and the Editor’s Choice Award from Quiz Maker Review. These quiz marketing gurus picked Riddle as the quiz creator with the “best balance of flexibility, cost, and data privacy”.

We decided that we need to talk openly about how quizzes and interactive content can transform your marketing activities. That’s why we published valuable content on various platforms.
Oh – and also we and our founders are featured in many shortlists! You can also find them below.

Riddle’s curated content / mentions in the world-wide-web

TitlePlatformShort article summaryLink
How to Build Trust With Your Users and Provide Clear Value for Their DataTech TargetCompetition among e-commerce companies is high; our founder Boris explains how and why quiz marketing can help marketers can generate interest and sales.Read Boris’ article on Tech Target
How to Build Trust With Your Users and Provide Clear Value for Their DataDatanamiQuizzes with lead generation are a clear, transparent way to collect users’ data. Our founder Boris Pfeiffer explains how (and why!).Find out more on Datanami
How to create an engaging Mobile Ads strategy in 2020Street FightLearn how to use quizzes to market on mobile in these turbulent times. (Spoiler: quizzes help brands effectively and transparently find and engage customers – and save money along the way.)Read the article about mobile Ads
Sports Marketing: Why Esports Is the New College FootballToolbox MarketingSports teams are increasingly turning online – such as with Riddle’s quiz maker – engage their fans during the pandemic. Our founder Boris shares how and why.Find out more about Riddle’s standpoint on E-Sports
20 Tech Leaders in Europe to FollowEntrepreneur.comOur CEO Boris Pfeiffer was picked among Entrepreneur’s “20 Tech Leaders in Europe to Follow” for founding and scaling Riddle’s quiz maker and marketing platform.See why our CEO Boris was picked as a Top 20 Tech Leader
The Facebook ads boycott: How to actively participate without sacrificing your marketing targetsClickZLearn how quizzes can help you support the Facebook ads boycott AND achieve your marketing goals.Read Riddle’s article on ethical advertising
How to guide authentic brand content and voice in the New NormalPR CoutureOur Co-Founder Mike Hawkins shares how to stay authentic as a brand with your marketing during the pandemic.Read Mike’s standpoint on branding and content
What Not To Do When Marketing During A PandemicYoung Upstarts“What NOT to do when marketing during a pandemic” – our founder Boris Pfeiffer shares his tips for savvy and sensitive marketing for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.Find out more about don’ts during a covid
Three Reasons Why Zero-Party Data is Marketing’s Next Big ThingMarTech SeriesOur CEO Boris shares why quizzes work so well with the push for zero-party data in marketing – to not run afoul of privacy regulations like the EU’s GDPR and California’s CCPA.Learn how you can market without collecting too much data
Can Zero-Party Data Solve Marketing’s Reputation Problem?Customer Service Manager“How can quizzes with lead generation solve marketing’s reputation problem?” – by our founder Boris PfeifferRead more about Boris’ standpoint on no-cookie marketing
Want a Radical Thought for 2020? Replace Your Customer Support Team with Your ExecutivesHome Business MagazineThe classic approach to customer service simply doesn’t work anymore. Brand reputation is more important than ever, with poor customer reviews becoming a permanent stain on a company’s reputationFind out why even the CEO helps in customer support at Riddle
8 Creative Ways to Use Riddle for Your BusinessCubicle NinjasIf there’s one thing that every marketer wishes for, its consumer engagement. A consumer who is invested in your content, and resonates with your offering, is a sign that you’re doing a good job.Read more about creative ideas to use Riddle quizmaker
What Teachers Can Tell You About Crafting Killer Online QuizzesSocialnomicsQuizzes have proven to be a valuable tool – they’re one of the most effective ways to get leads and drive salesFind out what teachers can (still) teach you
He’s the quiz guru: Tom interviews Boris PfeifferScrew the CommutePodcast interview with Riddle co-founder and CEO Boris PfeifferListen to the Podcast
Movers and Shakers Interview with Boris PfeifferSEO Quiz MasterOur CEO Boris was interviewed about Riddle quizmaker and life in generalRead Kivos interview with Boris
Quizzes as Lead MagnetsHome Business MagazineThe term “lead magnet” is seemingly everywhere these days. A quick perusal of the internet will bring you countless sources claiming to know hidden secrets about the top X lead magnetsFind out how you can use a Riddle quiz to collect leads
5 Steps to Optimizing Your Quiz for Marketing SuccessE-commerce TimesThe modern world is becoming more difficult every year for e-commerce marketers. Audiences are harder than ever to reach as mistrust of traditional marketing tactics continues to increase.Read our article about making your quiz even better
Why Quizzes Reign Supreme in E-Commerce’s Battle for EyeballsMarTech SeriesAttention spans are getting shorter and e-commerce competition isLearngetting fiercer. This makes getting and keeping customer attention in this industry all the more importantLearn how you can engage customers and get them to buy your product
Why Startups Love The One-Two Of Engaging, Affordable Quiz MarketingYoung UpStartsAttracting new customers to grow any online business can be tough. But for small businesses, like startups, carrying out an effective marketing strategy is critical to their very survival.Find out how your startup can implement quiz marketing with Riddle
How Small Businesses Can Use Quizzes to Jumpstart Their GrowthSmall Biz DailyGetting new customers to grow an online business can be a struggle for any company. For small businesses, carrying out an effective marketing strategy is more than a challenge – it’s a question of survival.Read Riddle’s article about how you can use quiz marketing in your small business
How to Use Interactive Quizzes as a Marketing Medicine to Jumpstart Campaigns?MarTech SeriesQuizzes are one of the most shared contents on all of Social Media – and have been for a while. Visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared on social media. When you consider the enormous popularity of sites such as Buzzfeed, this begins to make sense.Learn how to enhance your marketing strategy with Riddle quizzes
The Best 22 Online Quiz Makers for Boosting User Engagement in 2022HubspotRiddle’s Quizmaker is another easy-to-use tool with a focus on capturing email addresses. You can collect data from leads and send it directly to your lists in MailChimp or other software.See how we ranked in Hubspot’s quizmaker comparison
Online quizzes help to generate business conversionsDigital JourneyFor modern businesses, an online presence is key. But how can a business actively encourage online engagement?Find out why you should use Riddle quizmaker to engage your users and convert them into paying customers
8 Ways to Take a Fresh Approach to Content FormatsContent Marketing InstituteGetting your audience to consume your meaningful content day in and day out is no mean feat. Ensuring that your content is fresh helps you stay ahead of the curve.Riddle quizmaker is featured in this article about creating engaging content
Peer Review: Riddle quizmakerMerlot.orgRiddle is a tool that allows users to develop lists, opinion polls, collect public opinions on selected articles, and pop quizzesRead the full review on Riddle quizmaker
Online Content Creation: Riddle quizmakerCrozdeskA staggering amount of online content is generated every single day by individuals and businesses wishing to have their voice heard onlineLearn why you should create interactive and engaging content with Riddle
Riddle makes it easy to create viral lists, polls and ‘commenticles’ from anything on the WebThe Next WebYou probably know all about Buzzfeed’s listicle posts by now, so if you’ve always wanted to create your own viral content in Buzzfeed style, Riddle, a new social tool may help.Read how Riddle helps creators create interactive content
Create Interactive Content for any Social Platform in 10 Minutes with RiddleSocial Media TodayEver seen a cool list, an opinion poll, or a questionnaire about a recent article and wish you could produce one of those? What if I told you that you can, and in less than 10 minutes.Learn why Riddle is the best tool to create interactive content
Tool for journalists: Riddle, for interactive polls and is it of use to journalists? Everyone loves a quiz, as news outlets from BuzzFeed to UsVsTh3m to the Guardian will testify. Quizzes and polls are so popular because they “validate’ people’s assumptions of themselves.Learn how you can benefit from Riddle quizmaker as a journalist/publisher

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