Riddle.com is looking for: Country Manager DACH (m/f/d)

Riddle.com is a leading SaaS marketing platform used by a global audience to create quizzes, personality tests, surveys, polls, and more. Our users range from consultants and small business owners to leading brands like the BBC, Burda, CNN, and professional sports teams like the Chicago Bulls.

Our headquarter is in Saarbrücken Germany, with additional offices in Bremerhaven, Germany, and Oxford, United Kingdom.

We are selling an intuitive self-service SaaS product that’s powerful and flexible for engagement marketing, lead generation, contests, and more.
We’re unique in the space with our ‘no limits’ pricing models and 100% GDPR-compliant software. All of our servers, software, and other data collection are EU-based – that’s a key differentiator for DACH customers.

All of our plans also feature unlimited usage, data capture, and traffic, making it an easy and affordable business decision for companies to switch to our quiz maker. Find out, why you should come work for Riddle quizmaker!

Your job

The country manager DACH will be responsible to grow our revenue in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. You’ll have near-total freedom to accomplish this goal.
You’ll think up and execute the sales and marketing tactics to grow our user base and also increase retention among existing subscribers. You will be able to have an influence on our product roadmap and will receive our full trust and support for your tactics.

It’s a great role – to paraphrase Spiderman, “with great flexibility comes great responsibility.”
We expect you to be a self-starter, as a growth hacker with a start-up mentality to dive in and get things done. We are not looking for someone to come in, hire an agency, and spend large marketing budgets to achieve your goals. We can do that ourselves. 🙂

You need to treat this job like starting your own mini-company inside Riddle, with the benefit of having an amazing product and a world-class engineering team to back you.
You won’t be starting from scratch – some of the biggest brand names in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland from the publishing and marketing world are customers. They’re big fans of Riddle and create new content for their sites on a daily basis, which will lend immediate credibility to your efforts.

A key part of growing the business? Keeping our existing customers happy – and learning what potential new customers want or need.
That means we also expect you to support our current user base. You’ll be expected to quickly reply to support chats from our users in both German and English.
At Riddle, we don’t have an outsourced support team – our entire team, from founders to engineers, also handles support. It’s a key reason for our rapid growth.

Your profile

You should bring this to the table:

  • Fluency in German, ideally this is your native language
  • Good understanding of English. If you can read and reply to this job post without using Deepl, your English is good enough. If you don’t know what Deepl is, don’t bother applying.
  • Great understanding of the German culture and market landscape
  • A track record of having started companies or started initiatives by yourself in a larger corporate environment. Don’t worry if these companies or projects failed or succeeded – the key element is what you learned from them.
  • A great understanding of internet technology. We do not want to teach you how to set up email access, operate CRM tools, or handle your PC or Mac in general. If you don’t understand the difference between HTTP and HTTPS or don’t know what webhooks or APIs are used for, this job is not for you.
  • Lots of creativity about how to grow revenue and attract new customers
  • A growth marketer’s mindset

Your workspace and benefits

We are an equal opportunity employer and love diversity. We welcome applications regardless of background, gender, age, religion, and sexual orientation – or any other characteristic.

At Riddle, we firmly believe that work is not the meaning of life. We all enjoy our jobs but we enjoy our time with family and friends even more.
As part of this culture, you’ll be able to choose between working a full 5 day / 40 hour week or a 4 day / 32 hour week. You’ll also get to decide how you structure your workday. For example, you can start at 11 in the morning and work later into the evening, or start at 5am and finish earlier.

Maybe you want to opt-in to a four day / 32 hour work week – then decide to work 6.5 hours a day for five days.
It’s all about freedom AND responsibility. As long as you meet your objective to grow our revenue in DACH, we won’t tell you what to do. we won’t tell you what to do.

Initially, you would be expected to work every day from our office in downtown Saarbrücken while we get you up to speed. Once you are fully trained, you can work from home for 2 or 3 days per week. The entire team always meets in the office on Monday for lunch and a good chat, so we’d expect you to be in the office on Monday.

We will provide you with:

  • A shiny new laptop – your choice. Forget a corporate IT department picking your computer. You pick the model (Mac or Windows) that’s right for you.
  • A nifty new mobile phone – same thing. You choose the ideal smartphone for your needs.
  • The freedom to make your own decisions about how to do your job
  • Free barista coffee, tea, water and fruit in the office
  • Free use of our personal trainer in case you want to stay in shape. (Our trainer is a former 400m hurdle vice European champion – we promise that her training will take you to your limits!)
  • 30 days vacation (if you opt-in to the 5 day work week)

After your probation, you will also receive:

  • A “Job Rad” – traditional bike or e-Bike, fully paid by us
  • A Givve Lunch and Givve Credit card. Meaning, we will subsidize your lunches up to the legal maximum and you will get EUR 50 in tax free spending money on your Givve credit card
  • A free gym membership with our partner gym FitX (close to the office)

Sound intriguing? Think you have the flexibility, creativity, and drive to make a big impact with Riddle?

We’d love to hear from you.
Fill in this form and attach your CV – and if you’re a good fit, we’ll be in touch.

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