If a picture’s worth a thousand words – a video must be worth… sheesh – a million?

Riddle is now YouTube-friendly – you can now include video in any Riddle!

Unleash your inner Spielberg – choose just the right clip to make your quiz, test, poll, or list even more engaging and viral.

Simply click on the YouTube button, then enter your search term or paste the video URL:

​​​Instead of using the whole video, you can pick just the right start point by pressing play, then clicking the checkbox:

That’s not all – we’ve also added:

  • Improved SEO embed codes – now you can help Google send more viewers your way by using our ‘Search Optimised’ codes.
  • More detailed statistics – get in-depth info on each Riddle, including a breakdown of answers and results.


Thanks / merci / spacebo / domo arigato (after all, Riddle’s now in 30+ languages) for all of your continued ideas and feedback!