Quiz creator comparison – Riddle v Apester v PlayBuzz

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There are a lot of quiz makers out there – and each has their own strengths and weaknesses. Our team has been in the online quiz maker for over 25 years, so here’s our quiz creator comparison of the three biggest quiz makers today – Playbuzz (now EX-CO).

(We’ve kept this comparison impartial and objective – to help you find the best one for your particular needs.)

You can see and play the same quiz we built on each of the three online quiz makers.

quiz creator comparison

Quiz creator comparison – Riddle:

Key benefits:

  • Easier to create – make a quiz, lists, or polls in under 60 seconds
  • 14 types of quizzes – keep it fresh with your audience with picture search, ‘order it’, and more
  • Rich media options – go beyond just pictures. Add GIFs to YouTube videos and your own audio
  • Quiz lead generation – drag/drop form builder that connects to MailChimp or any other email marketing tool with Zapier
  • Actionable insights – understand your audience through collecting data with our quizzes or polls
  • Extensive customisation – each embedded Riddle is completely white labelled to feel organic on your site, not like a 3rd party widget
  • Style sheets – apply a global theme that will match your site’s brand identity and look/feel, from fonts and colors to button styling and more

Quiz creator comparison – EX-CO (formerly PlayBuzz):

  • Extensive range of quiz creation tools
  • Free plan – but no white label options
  • Collects data for their advertising partners
  • No customization
  • No business intelligence or data gathering tools

Quiz creator comparison – Apester:

  • Good design but no customization of fonts/colors to match brand identity
  • Free – but collects data for advertisers
  • No white labelling option – always would look/feel like a 3rd party widget on the USA Today site
  • Very limited content types
  • No business intelligence or data gathering tools

As I mentioned at the top, our team at Riddle have been creating online quiz creator tools since 2014 – and with 25 years of overall experience.

We’ve created a number of posts to help you choose the right quiz tool, as well as make the perfect online quiz or personality test. We go in-depth, sharing our tips and best practices about everything from the ideal number of questions to crafting the perfect title.

Riddle is more than just quizzes – you can also add branching logic to give each user a unique quiz experience. Plus we’ve include tools for quickly making engaging polls, lists, surveys, and more – all with built-in lead generation and email collection.

Online quiz creator pricing:

Apester and EX-CO/Playbuzz are both designed primarily for large enterprise publishers – and their pricing models reflect this.

For example, Playbuzz starts at $499 a month for only 100,000 quiz views (billed in one annual payment) – so that’s $5988 a year. Their higher use Enterprise is the classic ‘ask us’ option – which invariably means negotiation and a longer sales cycle.

Apester on the other hand offers a bit more flexibility – including a free ad-supported option, but with minimal to no customizations. Their other options are ‘ask us’ – so expect to pay north of $1,500-$2,500 a month.

Still, this could be a good option for people looking for no hit to their budget, and don’t mind showing other companies’ ads on their site.

At Riddle, we’ve taken a different path – offering three quiz maker plans that cost $29 / $49 / $199 a month, all with unlimited quiz views, starts, and leads. You just need to choose which additional features you need for your use case – including CSS editing, custom fonts, and white labelling.

Questions about choosing an online quiz creator – just ask us!

Any questions? Just drop us a line at hello@riddle.com – we’re big customer service geeks.

From our CEO Boris on down, all of our team race each other to answer questions first – so you’ll be sure to get a quick answer. 🙂

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