So you’re looking for the right online quiz builder for your site? It’s a good decision – quizzes, lists, and polls are proven winners at generating leads or growing your audience. (Don’t take our word for it, according to AdWeek, quizzes are the most shared social content on social media.) Here’s a quiz builder checklist to help you evaluate all the options.

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Quiz Builder Checklist: Pricing

Is the tool free?

That’s a powerful incentive (who doesn’t like free?) – but read the fine print. Nothing is truly free – every online tool needs to earn money and pay their costs to stay in business. Free tools will either re-sell all the data your quiz collects or they’ll insert their own ads into the quiz.

The other option is a monthly subscription – which comes in two types:

Most tools charge you based on interactions – you buy a plan with limits on how many leads you can download or how many views you can get on your quiz.

This is a risky – because if your quiz goes viral, your monthly costs could skyrocket or you won’t be able to access your leads until you upgrade.

Flat-rate pricing is much simpler – you know exactly what you’ll get for each month. Try to find a tool with a simple flat pricing structure, ideally with no limits on how many quizzes you create or leads/views you gather each month.

A free trial of all the features and a low entry price is another plus – you can try the tool out risk-free to make sure it meets your needs.


Quiz Builder Checklist: Branding

Check if the quiz builder gives you the option to remove all of their branding when you embed a quiz on your site. This is generally a premium feature – which helps the quiz builder recover their serving costs.

Some sites offer ‘reduced branding’ – which is a fancy way of saying that they’ll include a smaller version of their logo.

Another thing to consider – will you be able to add your logo (or your clients’)? This is useful, especially if you’re looking to run quizzes as native advertising sponsored content for your advertisers.

Logos should not the only branding consideration. Ideally, each quiz you build should be fully customizable – from colors, to matching your fonts, button styles and more. Your quiz should look and feel organic wherever embedded, especially important for websites of a global, style-conscious brand.

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Quiz Builder Checklist: Lead Generation

Using quizzes and polls to engage your site’s visitors is just the start. Most creators will likely want to build quizzes to help gather potential customers’ emails and details. 

Check if the tool gives you a range of options on what to do with these leads. A basic option will let you download them along with the users’ answers as an Excel or CSV file.

Better apps will automate this process – hooking up to tools such as Zapier so you can seamlessly send each sign up to your marketing software such as Infusion Soft or Constant Contact.

The best will take this one step further, offering native integrations of AWeber or Mailchimp – so you can log-in and manage your email lists from within the tool. AWeber is especially strong at this. It allows you to tag each lead based on their quiz results and then run automated marketing funnels based on how they answered.

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Want to learn more? Take a look at these two blog posts about how to use quizzes to qualify and segment your leads:

  1. Segmenting Leads based on quiz data
  2. How to use the Ask Method from Ryan Levesque with Riddle

There are a number of great tools out there – each with their own strengths and weaknesses. We hope this quiz builder checklist helps you choose the right quiz builder for your needs.

(We’re a little biased of course, but hope you take a look at Riddle – in your research.)

I helped found Riddle – and it meets all the above criteria, with pricing starting at just $7 a month for unlimited quizzes, leads, and traffic.

The BBC, the NBA’s Chicago Bulls, InStyle magazine, and Penguin/Random House use Riddle every day to build and embed fully customized quizzes like these for their readers.

Any questions? Just let us know at – our team are passionate about customer service and race each other to respond first.

(I’m leading this month – which means our CEO Boris will owe me a 6-pack of good beer!)

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