Keep Your Readers Sweet – Give Them Ice Cream!

How to use Riddle quizmaker to sell your product

Here’s a short story about using our quiz maker to give your customers something to smile about (and buy your product).

When I was a student I worked behind the bar in a busy restaurant. Life was manic but fun. I worked with the waitresses who were funny, pretty and kind – as long as I provided the drinks on time!
It was another story in the kitchen. A male-dominated environment where Gordon Ramsay’s trademark rants would hardly register. Every time I walked in the kitchen in my smart shirt and bow tie I was bombarded with ‘good-natured’ insults.

One kitchen porter was always picked on. They used to send him on fools errands for impossible objects like a bubble for a spirit level, or a left-handed screwdriver. Off he’d go to be laughed at mercilessly when he returned empty-handed.
One day I took him aside. I urged him to wise up and to check with me before going on another doomed mission. His response was surprising:

“I know it’s all a big joke,” he admitted. “But I get out of working in a hot kitchen for half an hour. I have a nice walk in the sunshine and eat an ice cream while they’re doing my work. The joke’s on them. They just don’t know it!”

How much can you annoy your readers?

This story shows that people will put up with a lot of discomfort for a reward. The same is true on web sites and blogs.

Everyone knows that they are being sold to, but not everyone will be happy to go through your sales funnel process if it is an irritating experience.
This is where quiz makers like Riddle makes the difference.
You can add lots of tasty goodies in different flavors: polls, quizzes, personality quizzes and surveys. (Or in general, just tasty interactive content)

They bring the ‘sunshine and ice cream’ element that makes a visit to your site fun. So good in fact that your readers will want to stick around AND share your interactive content with their friends.

Why work in a hot, aggressive kitchen when you can work with pretty waitresses?

Try our free trial (no credit card needed) and create some fun interactive content today.

Disclaimer – None of us are waitresses – we may not be very pretty either. But we always respond quickly to every single query via support chat (bottom right corner) or anything you shoot at!

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