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Making your own live online quiz with Riddle’s quiz maker is easy.

If the COVID-19 pandemic has shown one thing, it’s that online quizzes work for engaging your audience. Fun, interactive, quizzes turn passive observers into active and enthusiastic participants.

Think about it.

There’s a reason that pub quizzes, TV shows like Jeopardy!, and apps like Kahoot have been popular for so long. People love testing their knowledge – and showing off a bit to their friends.

live online quiz

Creating a live online quiz is a proven way to grab your audience’s attention – plus grow your marketing list by collecting each constestant’s email address.

  • Pick a topic, write any number of questions.
  • Go beyond text – insert images or audio and video clips.
  • Add a prize and you’ve got a ready made event to promote and run for your audience.

Check out our more in-depth blog post about using online quizzes for contests.

Create your live online quiz (real-time event)

The most common way to run a live online quiz is as a Zoom or similar session.

  • You’ll act as the MC and tell everyone when to click ‘start’ – so they can view question #1.
  • Most importantly, you’ll need to tell everyone to answer questions at the same time.
  • Then, when ready, they click ‘next’ and see the next question.

For more suspense, you can hide all the right/wrong answers – and even the ‘correct’/’wrong’ messages.

The advantage? The correct answers and scores will only be shown at the very end – after the live online quiz entry (lead generation) form.

live online quiz

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Create a quiz with Riddle – there’s no limit to questions, but we recommend 20 questions or so.
  2. In the quiz ‘answer description’ field – add an image and text ‘Thanks – please wait for the next question.’ This will show up after each answer – and will prevent the next question from automatically appearing.
  1. In the collect leads step, add a lead form – to collect names/emails from all entries.
  2. Choose how to save entries. We recommend saving to Google Sheets – so you can see an updated list of all entries and their question answers plus total results.
  3. In the customize step, add a question timer (e.g. “10 seconds”) – to minimize the opportunity to Google the right answer.
  4. Also in customize, go to ‘more+’ and turn on ‘hide all right/wrong indicators’, plus the ‘show answers at the end of the quiz’ options.
live online quiz
  1. Publish it – and tell your audience the date/time you’ll be running your live online quiz.

Make a quiz contest (non-live option)

Want to create a quiz contest – only not as a live session, but as a longer online event? You can easily do that as well with Riddle’s quiz maker.

The set up is similar as above.

But instead of a live online contest with a MC/moderator and all participants taking your quiz at once, you’ll post the quiz on your site – and leave it running for a certain time period.

You’ll just need to add a few steps to discourage cheating.

  • Create a quiz with Riddle – again, there’s no limit to how many questions you can add. But we recommend 20 questions or so – with 3-4 answer options each.
  • In the collect leads step:
  • Add a lead form – to collect names/emails from all entries.
  • Choose how to save entries. We recommend saving to Google Sheets – so you can see an updated list of all entries and their question answers plus total results.
  • Turn on ‘double opt-in’ – so each contestant will need to click a link via email for their entry to count. (The option location varies depends on your ‘save’ or ‘connect’ choice – below is from our Google Sheets option.
  • For the next few steps, go to the ‘Customize’ step in Riddle’s quiz maker:
    • Add a question timer (e.g. “10 seconds”) – to minimize the chance to Google the answers.
    • Go to our ‘more+’ tab. Activate the ‘hide all right/wrong indicators‘.
    • You can show answers at the end of the quiz but we recommend not doing that. Users will just get their score – and potential cheaters won’t know the correct answers if they want another go.
    • Turn on randomize questions and randomize answers (so potential cheaters can’t just remember the correct answer order)
  • Publish and embed your quiz – and announce to your audience!

Add a quiz leaderboard

Now with our Pro and Team features, you can also add a quiz leaderboard to your Riddle live online quiz (or use our WordPress option).

  • Easy to create – you simply embed this in your site.
  • Each quiz taker will see the top X finishers (you decide how many) and their scores.
  • Plus they’ll get a message showing how close they were to the top finishers – and how many people they beat, so they’ll be itching a rematch!
live online quiz leaderboard

Cheating in a live online quiz

Now, let’s face it. If you’re running any sort of live online quiz, it’s going to be possible to cheat. After all, Google is just a click away for each quiz taker.

Awkward Moment Sealion Meme - Imgflip

However, by following our above tips, such as hiding quiz answers, adding double opt-ins, and the like, you can make it more difficult. Most cheaters are lazy – and just want a quick win.

You can also do a sort/filter in Google Sheet – to make sure there are no double entries.

Of course, people can come up with ways around this – such as using multiple different email addresses to take the quiz. 

But these steps just add a bit of friction and pain for would-be cheaters – meaning your quiz will still be fun for everyone else.

And don’t forget – you can use our quiz leaderboard feature to automatically show and rank the top finishers who took the quiz, for extra bragging rights.

Can we help?

And we’re not stopping – we’re always adding new features to our quiz maker. So if you’re running a live online quiz, and have ideas how we can make Riddle better, please give us a shout at or on Riddle’s support chat.

We’re (frankly) ridiculously fast at replying to every message – everyone from our CEO Boris on down races each other to respond first.

Put us to the test – we look forward to hearing from you!

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