Likert scale quizzes with Riddle’s personality tests

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Riddle’s quiz maker is pretty powerful – you can customize it for a near-infinite number of uses. We’ve seen academics, brands, and other folks create Likert scale quizzes on Riddle to power their research efforts. Here’s how you can do the same.

likert scale quizzes

Likert scale quiz: overview

“Likert what?”

We’ve all probably seen Likert scales in action – even if you’ve never heard the name.

Each Likert scale quiz asks you to select a response from a range of responses. Giving a range of options from ‘Strongly disagree’ to ‘strongly agree’ is a classic example of a Likert scale.

likert scale quizzes

Likert scale quiz: using Riddle

Creating a Likert scale quiz using Riddle’s quiz creator is easy.

  1. Select ‘personality test’ (Click here for additional tips on creating personality quizzes)
  2. Create a personality type for each result
  3. For each question, give the same options – such as:
    • Strong disagree
    • Disagree
    • Neither agree or disagree
    • Agree
    • Strongly agree
    • (Strongly dislike to strongly like is another common scale)
  4. Assign each answer to a particular result type.

likert scale quizzes

Did you know? We have a pre-made Likert Scale option with Riddle. Our reaction polls like the one below ask one question and use the Likert Scale for scoring.

Likert scale quizzes: advanced scoring

You will need to play around with how much association you want to assign each answer.

Our slider represents a scale from 0 to 20.

To make it easier for the non-clinical user, we just named them from no association to weak, medium and strong association.

But if you want to get very precise with your quiz, here are the scores for each range;

  • 0: No association
  • 1-7: Weak association
  • 8-14:  Medium association
  • 15-20: Strong association

Each ‘tick’ as you move the slider increases the points assigned for that response.

At the end of the personality quiz, our system counts up the points for each result type – then assigns the user the particular result with the most points.

Likert scale quizzes: example on Riddle

Here’s a quick Likert scale quiz example I whipped up in a few minutes. Testing people’s willingness to be bold with new foods, it returns one of four result types based on their answers.

Hope that helps – but just let us know if we can answer questions about Riddle’s quiz creator.

You can also connect your Likert scale quiz to your data system using AWeber, Zapier or our webhook.

Drop us a message at – you won’t have to wait long for a response.

We’re big customer service geeks and race each other to respond first. 🙂

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