Quizzes for Lead Generation

Having a big email list is the holy grail for marketers. The bigger your list, the easier it is to instantly get your new content viral or to sell more products. There are probably thousands of products and guidebooks that help you with lead generation. Most of them suggest you use some sort of freebie like a free eBook or access to gated content to persuade people to give up their name and email. That’s all good. But…

…how do you get people to that sign up form in the first place?

Ideally, you get viral traffic – traffic you don’t pay for. However, this means your lead generation form needs to be so good that people share it.

You could achieve this by giving away an awesome free prize. “Sign up and get a new iPad Pro!” Your server will probably break down within minutes.

Or you could use a touch of psychology to get people to share your content and sign up – that’s where Riddle comes into play.

Let’s start with the “share”.

An easy way to get people to share content is to play with their competitive instinct. Build a bastardly tricky quiz and people will share their results. They will either boast how great they are or ridicule themselves for knowing nothing about your chosen topic.

Just one simple form in a personality test can bring in an avalanche of leads.

Using quizzes for lead generation - perfect with MailChimp integration

Let’s say you’re selling an app or an online class to learn better English.

For lead generation, create a quiz titled something like “How many of these common, yet tricky words can you spell correctly?” If you were selling English language classes it will take you 10 minutes tops to put that quiz together.

Do you know the correct spelling for these 7 really hard words?

Do you know that feeling – you type a word and you just cannot figure out how to spell it, even though you have seen that word written down a million times. Take this quiz to see if you can guess – or even know – the correct spelling for these 7 English words.

something highly pleasing is:





to annoy or irritate a girl means

you agrravate her

you aggravate her

you agavate her

you argravate her

when you have been really bad, you owe someone an





I you have special rights you have a





The act of retreating or ceasing to do something





if you have the desire to revenge, you have a





and lastly, to celebrate the fact I made it through this quiz, I will eat one





Go back to school

Not sure how to break it to you, but you did really bad on this quiz. Hit replay and try again.

Not too shabby

Some of the words seemed to have confused you, but I agree – this test is mean. Hit replay and try to get a few more right.

Spelling Ninja

Yay – you did great. You really know English, you must have gone to Oxford.

The quiz takers are very likely to share their results on Twitter and Facebook, saying something like “I really need to go back to school, I scored 1 out of 7 in the “Do you know the correct spelling for these 7 really hard words?” quiz. This will drive free traffic to the quiz.

Now comes the second part of human psychology. People have been answering questions for a few minutes – another question: “tell me your name and email” – is not a big hurdle to jump. You can also add an additional incentive by asking them to submit their test result along with their email address to get a special reward. This can be something like a free language guide, eBook or discount voucher that is sent to the top scorers.

All in all, you can create this and start with lead generation in 10 minutes or less – all for free.

The good news is, that Riddle gives you the ability to download all leads and full quiz statistics as part of the free version. Import the downloaded CSV file into a lead tool of your choice and get started with your email campaigns.

If you are using MailChimp, Riddle offers a free connector to send leads directly to MailChimp. Put this together with our WordPress Plugin and you have a perfect lead generation engine at hand.

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