So you’ve built up a social media following and you want two things from them.

1) To buy or use your product/service or click on your adverts – whatever is your main reason for using social media in the first place.

2) To tell other people about you, your service or your social media feed.

But if you keep asking for this your followers will get bored of you very quickly!

So what can you do that’s QUICK?

You can write some funny tweets or updates. They might get liked or shared, but it’s still quite a distance from getting people to come to your web site or blog.

Much better if you can write a quick poll or list that you link to from your social media posting. This brings people off social media to your site.

You just need to keep an eye out for news items or situations that catch people’s attention. Here are a few of our ‘quickies’ that always seem to bring in some traffic when they are posted on social media.

It might be a few clicks here and there or it could always snowball into a viral event!

Quick polls and lists that always gets clicks


Are you ever too old to wear a bikini?

French Yummy Mummy blogger Muriel thinks you’re never too old to wear a bikini – or even less! What do you think?

Yes – you can be too old. Some things are best covered up

It depends on your body

No – you’re never too old. Just go with the flow!

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