How to use QUICK content to turn shy followers into party animals

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So you’ve built up a social media following and you’re the life and soul of the party but… your followers seem to be a bit shy. They’re all sitting around the edges of the dance floor looking at the disco light doing the light fandango over the painfully empty dance floor. A DJ would be spinning an old favourite that everyone knows and loves. What’s the online content equivalent of this?  Quick content. Not just content that is quick to make but content that provides a quick, fun enjoyment hit.

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Use quick content to get the party started!

But let’s back up a bit first as we need to work out what you want from your followers. It is probably one of these outcomes:

  • Buying or using your product or service
  • Signing up for your newsletter
  • Taking the first step into your sales funnel
  • Sharing your content or introduce your service to other people

But your followers get bored very quickly if you keep posting about these topics!

So how can I create some quick content that works?

You can write some funny tweets, Facebook updates or post a intriguing photo on Instagram.  They might get liked or shared, and it could earn you some new social media followers. But this is still quite a distance from getting people to come to your web site or blog.

A more effective way is to write a quick poll or list that you link to from your social media posting. This brings people off social media to your site. If you have a blog they can enjoy and interact with the content there – surrounded by your other content that hopefully includes an enticing call-to-action. You can also include a request in your poll or list for their email address to sign up to your newsletter or special offer.

You just need to keep an eye out for news items or situations that catch people’s attention around your line of work. Here are a few of our ‘quickies’ that always gain traffic when they are posted on social media. It might be a few clicks here and there or it could always snowball into a viral event!

Quick content that always gets clicks

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