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Helpful articles

Choosing the right Riddle quiz creator plan

Basic, Pro or Enterprise - which quiz creator plan? We keep pricing for each quiz creator plan simple and straight forward, just like Riddle. Forget 'cost per engagement' or limits on how many leads [...]

Which type of viral quiz should I make?

“What sort of viral quiz should I make for my site?” Our team at Riddle gets asked this a lot. Riddle has so many ways to create interactive content, from quizzes and lists to [...]

Riddle quiz maker: new quiz features (release notes)

Want to see all of the new quiz features and improvements for Riddle? We update this overview constantly, and are always adding new features to our quiz maker and lead generation platform. Have an idea how [...]

Create your perfect online personality quiz

Making an online personality quiz seems so easy when you take one. It's writing your own using a quiz maker like Riddle that can seem more difficult! But fear not - there's a science to creating [...]

Quiz contest using Riddle’s quiz maker

Want to collect the most leads with your quiz? Challenge your audience with a quiz contest with Riddle’s quiz maker - and include a lead generation form to collect entries. Quizzes are already naturally [...]

GDPR for small business: collect marketing emails

GDPR for small business - where on earth do you start? Many small firms are worried about complying with European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). You might have seen the GDPR headlines, the [...]

Create an online list (AKA ‘listicle’)

Lists - or 'listicles' - are some of our most popular content types on Riddle... It might seem like they're just a list with words, but read on to create an online list to [...]

Add leads to MailChimp lists (using quiz results)

Use quiz results to send leads from your quiz to MailChimp lists Now, our Riddle quiz maker provides an integrated connection to MailChimp - which handles the easy stuff. But for advanced users, sometimes you [...]