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Need help creating a Riddle?

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Below you will find lots of helpful articles that will help you to create perfect lists, personality tests, quizzes and other Riddle content.

Also check out the video links below. Helpful short explanations from our Riddle Editorial Team. If you ever get stuck with Riddle, please reach out to – we love to help and reply to every message in less than 24 hours, unless we are chilling a bit on a weekend.

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Helpful articles

Choosing the right Riddle quiz creator plan

Basic, Pro or Enterprise - which quiz creator plan? We keep pricing for each quiz creator plan simple and straight forward, just like Riddle. Forget 'cost per engagement' or limits on how many leads [...]

Content Marketing Superheroes: Our Favorite Quizzes

Every week, we love seeing how some of the biggest brand, teams, and publishers engage their audience with Riddle's quiz builder as part of their content marketing plans. Here are a few of our favorites: Quiz [...]

Quiz maker review: Riddle or Opinion Stage?

Opinion Stage and Riddle are two of the most well-known quiz creators on the market today. Now your business needs are unique - there's no one 'right' answer about which platform you should choose. We [...]

Online quiz images – choosing the right picture

Online quiz images are the rocket fuel behind making an effective quiz. Along with the right quiz title, the perfect image can catch your readers' attention, keep them interested - then drive clicks as your [...]

Create a quiz marketing funnel with Riddle

Quizzes are the most shared content online (according to Adweek). But sharing is just the start. Now, you can quickly create your own automated quiz marketing funnel - using a quiz creator and most email [...]

Quiz Maker Comparison: Riddle vs. Qzzr

Looking to grow your audience and qualify potential customers through quizzes? You've probably come across the two market leaders - Riddle and Qzzr. Check out our quiz maker comparison - highlighting the key differences between [...]

Likert scale quizzes with Riddle’s personality tests

Riddle's quiz maker is pretty powerful - you can customize it for a near-infinite number of uses. We've seen academics, brands, and other folks create Likert scale quizzes on Riddle to power their research efforts. Here's [...]