It’s a big day for us.

Our tools have always been great for engaging our creators’ audiences, but that interaction stopped once they left your site.

Until now.

Starting today, we’re introducing a new tool to let you continue the conversation.

In just a few clicks, you can now quickly display a form asking each user for their name and email address.

This is the #1 request we’ve had from our community – our creators have wanted to use this for:

  • Newsletter sign ups
  • Contests
  • Product updates
  • Book releases
  • Special offers and discounts

It’s optional – but every time someone gives their information, we’ll send you an email so you can instantly follow up.

Here’s a quick demo of how easy it is to use:​

lead gen demo for newsletter8

​That’s not all – in addition to a snazzy new home page, we’ve massively improved our help and FAQ section.

Now you can find answers to common questions with just a click:


Thanks again for the great feature ideas, bugs, and general awesomeness – you guys make growing Riddle so much fun!


Will you be using this lead generation feature in your Riddles?